Does passing a threshold block regular mutations in other categories? and is there an up to date list of mutations?

As the title.

1: if i get threshold in say, medical, can i then still use say, feline serums/mutagens for the non-threshold feline mutations?

2: the wiki seems to be missing some mutation lines at the very least (nano… unless that is mod added?) is there an up to date list somewhere?

3: is manatouched still a thing? looking in the magiclysm mod folder i only see some black dragon thing. i would like to get a mana efficiency trait, regret not picking one at creation, and not sure if that dragon one can give it to me.

1: no, you can have multiple thresholds active (you can see in the debug menu)
2: the wiki is really weird with items, probably because it’s a file dump and not proper type articles made by humans.
3: look in debug menu - you will see it if you have the mod enabled, not sure about getting it though. I know spells come from books/starting scenarios, but that’s about it.

  1. Yes, you can still get pre-threshold mutations from other categories. Note that they might override mutations related to your threshold, though.

  2. “Nano” is not a vanilla line, or even any of the included mods afaik. The wiki is definitely missing several mutation lines, though, and out of date on others. Thankfully the HHG recently added a list of mutations by threshold, doesn’t cover mod content tho: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cataclysm

  3. Manatouched is still a thing. The Magiclysm mutation files are organized in a silly way where they’re split between two folders. “Mutations” contains only the black dragon stuff, the Manatouched files are in “Traits”. Fwiw dragons are supposed to also get mana efficiency, but there’s currently a bug (related to the weird organization) that prevents them from actually getting it.

I’ve submitted a PR that resolves both of these issues, but it’s just been sitting there for a while. I’ll see if I can get KorGgenT to approve it sometime this weekend.

generally the way I understand it is that you can only have one post-threshhold tree of mutations, but any number of “general” mutations that don’t require a threshold

thank you for the informative responses :slight_smile: glad to hear manatouched is indeed a thing… also, i figured out nano (super soldier) is part of cata++ it seems