Suggestions For Sleep

So the recent invasion by Canada bout of sub-zero temperatures here in Ohio has made me realize something:

Wearing too much clothing (especially “day” clothes, not pajamas) while trying to sleep can get annoying and difficult. So, I propose a small suggestion, and some traits to go along with it:

Anything marked as being “close to the skin” won’t affect your ability to fall asleep. Any normal clothing worn increases the difficulty to fall asleep (Paralell to volume perhaps?) Any “light” armor doubles the difficulty to fall asleep, any “heavy” armor quadruples it, power armor makes it impossible unless you “pass out” or are otherwise incapable of staying awake any longer (Sleep deprived.) Anything with an unnamed flag that’d be added by this would decrease the difficulty to fall asleep and would be things like Blankets, Pajamas, Pillows, sleep stuff.

Having any item wielded would increase the difficulty to fall asleep.

Some Traits:
Accomplished Sleeper would be modified to negate the ‘difficulty’ increase from normal clothing.

: Sleeping naked counts for “double” (one above pajamas) but increases difficulty when wearing any clothing.

Always Ready: “Years of sleeping in unsafe areas has made you accustomed to keeping a weapon under your pillow.” No difficulty increase from wielding something.

Thoughts? This would presumably stop people form being ‘ready’ at all times when sleeping. Because really, who the hell sleeps in powered armor clutching an HMG.

I’d argue that your experience was more the result of having acclimated to comfortable surroundings, the princess and the peapod as it were. That being said your argument is not without its merits and on the hole I like this idea, though it could be argued that having to constantly micromanage your attire would be bothersome.

How about:

Every piece of clothing has a comfort rating that either raises or lowers your likelihood of being able to sleep comfortably in it. Keeping in mind how well it insulates or cushions you from the ground, etc etc.

Sleeping in uncomfortable clothing gives you some sort of debuff like “Sore Back” or “Aches and Pains” that persists for a period of time factored by what you were wearing and sleeping on.

I like Logrin’s idea. Wielding big weapons could also give it. Basically, I’d allow wielding a knife/a stick in sleep, but not much more, and certainly not firearms (they might discharge or kill you off in your sleep, ya know)

That’s a good idea, too.

i’d argue a little about how hard is to sleep fully dressed. I’ve slept in a light armor (read a full motorsuit, complete with plastic protections but without the helmet) and while not very comfy, it wasn’t also a real deterrent to sleep.
Also a tired/sleepy/drunk char should have no problems sleeping dressed.
Honestly, idk if it would add more than tedium to the game.

I’d be more concerned about the invisible pile of vomit left in my bed after battling the flu and alcohol addiction for a week affecting my ability to fall asleep.

[quote=“Ferodaktyl, post:5, topic:4878”]i’d argue a little about how hard is to sleep fully dressed. I’ve slept in a light armor (read a full motorsuit, complete with plastic protections but without the helmet) and while not very comfy, it wasn’t also a real deterrent to sleep.
Also a tired/sleepy/drunk char should have no problems sleeping dressed.
Honestly, idk if it would add more than tedium to the game.[/quote]

My thoughts on the subject, I mean what would this really add to the game?

Also I have slept while wearing a suit before so yeah, clothes making it harder to sleep is more mental than anything.

The real question here is: ‘does this add something to the game that’s so cool that it offsets the massive annoyance of having to hit ~100 hotkey combinations to strip down and drop the contents of your pack(s) every time you want to sleep?’

I don’t see it as meeting that criteria.

OR we could just assume you remove what you need to sleep comfortably.
This just seems plain annoying.

Last I knew, you could also just heap clothing-type items on your sleeping-spot and the game’d automatically use as much of it as needed to keep you warm. I recall lobbying Shoes pretty hard to get that added, some months ago.

Okay, I like your ideas, but check out my ideas at
Seriously, I’m being serious, read what I’m proposing.

If you think about it, going to sleep holding something isn’t that hard, and the character could just drop it in the same tile when they fell asleep and pick it back up when they woke up, all without the player knowing they did it.

As far as clothes, I’ve slept with a crapton of clothes on before. I live in Michigan and I have had a power outage in winter before. Meaning negative temperatures in my house, and I don’t have a fireplace. You’d better believe I slept with 20+ articles of clothing on, and it didn’t bother me a bit. I’ve even slept with a full backpack on before without problems, just sleeping on my side.

Those things don’t really bother me, but what does bother me is sleeping with dirty clothes. Obviously that’s just me, and some people are inclined to sleep with dirty clothes on out of laziness, lack of care, whatever, but point is, I’m more likely to take off my dirty clothes and change into clean clothes for sleeping just for my own personal benefit and because it makes me sleep easier, especially when I’m not in a survival-situation. I could ignore the dirty clothes for a while if I was living in the woods dodging death at every turn, but if I’ve been living in a solid base for a year, I wouldn’t want to be wearing socks or underwear that were crusted with sweat. Cata is kind of like the dark ages, and they washed their clothes in the dark ages. I’m sure they still smelled pretty bad, but most people in those days washed their clothes even though it was kind of annoying probably. It was just a part of life, and necessary for maintaining their health.

Now, if my life was a game, I wouldn’t necessarily say that sleeping in dirty clothes would be a gameplay problem, but I would think that it should be something the player of the game knew, at least for my sake as a character.

In my opinion, sleeping with clothes on shouldn’t necessarily make it harder for the character to sleep, it should just be something that the player takes into consideration when they lie down to sleep, which it already is. Obviously the character could acclimate to not mind sleeping with clothes on, overcoming the mental part of it that John aptly noted, but I personally feel that sleeping with 20+ articles of dirty clothing on is something that nobody should be allowed to acclimate to ignore without spending their few valuable character points on to gain. (What I’m saying is that the option to ignore dirt and grime should be a trait you can buy at the beginning, otherwise it should affect your health and whatnot.) I didn’t bring this up to rally support for my ideas, but I brought it up because it seems like a simpler and more justified way to implement the kind of thing you’re talking about, an aspect of gameplay that makes the player more concerned about the literal heath and well-being of the character as something that the player would have to stop and consider at some point, and implement it with some sort of gameplay effect to boot, so that the players who wanted to ignore it, could, and the players that it makes a difference to, would do something about it.

Just a thought, though.

well, wouldn’t be just as good to add a trait the would make the char care about sleeping with dirty clothes? Civilized, mybe? :smiley: (idk if it will be a positive or negative one)
Not to mention you can always dress off and on your char before/after sleeping, depending on the location you’re in, without enforcing this on other who would prefer not tom if they can help it… :slight_smile: