Lots of bow mods, but (all?) bows only support dampening

I’m somewhere midgame, crafted my composite heavy bow, was excited to see so many bow mods, but turns out none of the bows that I have unlocked have slots for them. Bows only support dampening slots it seems. If there are actually higher-tier bows that I havent unlocked that do support more mods, it’s fine, but why are there so many low-level mods and nowhere to apply them?

all the -craftable- bows dont support mods, theres a few you can find out in the world that are better than the ones you can craft and do support multiple mods.

like this boi which can hold an underbarrel, a sight, two accessories, a stabilizer and a dampening

for the crafted bows best you get is a sight and dampening, i think?

Weird that there are so many how mods but they quite simply can’t be equipped in 99.9% of cases. Someone waisted a lot of time on archery it seems.

An underbarrel?!

Can you mount a shotgun on this thing? Or do the underbarrel launchers and such take up a different slot?

the underbarrel slot is specifically made for the laser sight, as most of the other underbarrel mods, like the master key or the grenade launcher, arent bow compatable.

the CROSSBOW however… CAN take all of these bow mods, and then some.
a composite crossbow (craftable) can take 4 accessories, 1 dampening, 1 grip, 4 mechanisms, 1 rail, 1 sight, 1 sling, 1 stock and an underbarrel… most of the underbarrels that a regular gun can take.

Yeah and crossbows also have 1200 reload time. Which seems like a stub for “we don’t have the time to balance them yet, so let’s just make them useless for now”.

well… the repeating crossbow has a reload time of 900 and can hold up to 10 bolts

but yeah, compared to say, an m4a1 where you can hand-load a single bullet for 100, its slow.

Bow crafting is a mess right now.
There are a few “primary” bows — namely, survival bow, shortbow, composite bow — that are reasonably balanced between each other and more-or-less up to date.

Everything else is stuck being half-baked (or, rather, never properly updated) for one reason or another.

Like, compound bow was at some point removed from bows you can craft. But compound GREAT-bow (inexplicably) can still be crafted just fine.
Or a longbow being strictly inferior to composite bow for most application, and yet being book-only, while composite is auto-learned.

Etc, etc.

Long story short: bows crafting (including bow mods) needs a cleanup.

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Thanks for the info. I also recently found in-game a recipe for a composite greatbow, and despite crazy STR requirement, it is actually pretty good and does support lots of mods.

On a more practical note, I think most auto-learned bows should have two recipes:
Basic one — same as the current one.
And advanced one — somewhat higher tools/components requirements, much higher archery and fabrication requirements, same damage and accuracy stats, but can accept mods.