Can't add any mod to short bow and long bow

I made under-barrel laser sight, arrow rest, and bow stabilizer.

But I can’t add any mod to a short bow or a long bow.

Is this normal?

Are there any github issue about this?

I have been always using bows in all my games.

Short bow and Longbow can only use the bow dampening kit. If you look at the weapon, it will say ‘Mods: 0/1 dampening’ and that’s it.

Now, if you look at, say, the Reflex Recurve bow, it says ‘Mods: 0/2 accessories; 0/1 dampening; 0/1 sights; 0/1 stabilizer; 0/1 underbarrel’.

I don’t really use bows so much, but I’m pretty sure this is your issue. You need a bow that can accept mods of those particular types.

Thanks. I guess I have to find archery for kids to make the bow dampening kit.

Sticking with bows is worth it. Fully modded Compound Bow can one-shot standard zombies and by that point arrows almost never break.