Bow modifications?

Its been a gripe with me for so long, not being able to put at least a laser sight on a crossbow. And I can think of a few sights for bows…

I think it would be a bit appropriate to put some kind of spikes/bayonet type thing on a bow or a crossbow.

Not sure how long this would be able to code…

Just go to Cabela’s or Bass Pro websites and look through archery accessories if anyone who wants to work on this needs inspiration :slight_smile: There is quite a bit!

For crossbow we can have scope or laser sight, shorter version of the bayonet.
For bow we can have attached blades, they can be either pre-made accessory or self-made mod.

Off-topic: Cabelas have Scent Eliminators substance, once the scent system is reworked it’d be nice to have those in our game, spawned in sporting goods stores.

I’ve also always wanted a tac-light, but that’s for a different thread later.

Some bow mods would be great as I’ve always thought it was weird you couldn’t. Perhaps mods only for the composite bow and crossbows though, as I can’t imagine the short/long bow having the room for them really.

This is definitely something I’d like to see, but we’re going to need some infrastructure work to support it. Right now the mod categories we have are handgun, shotgun, rifle, submachine gun, and tools. We need to add categories for bows and crossbows at least, and maybe even divide further into light/heavy crossbows, short and longbows, etc. Has anyone thought of doing an issue request on GitHub for this?