Looks changed and no idea why?

ok so after having to do a huge redo on my game to fix some big bugs I had to re-add my mods. but when I loaded the game it looks very different

but my game looked very different before any idea why this happened?

What was before? A different tileset? Terrain? Weather?

How huge was it? I think the default tileset has changed some time in the last year.

it just meant the looks it had a very diffrent design. uh hold on i don’t have any pic saved right on my computer but i know i have posted with images before
edit image I found not mine but still works

note not trying to say the design is bad its just. The change happen after i had to give the game a huge reset and readded all my mods. so its very sudden

Are you talking about the side bar? If so use the β€œ}” to mess with that.

no the detailing of the game. not the sidebar. that was cut out from the screen shot I used (the second one was one I found on this site) the game itself was suddenly more realistic

It is my tileset! :smiley:
It is now default tileset for the game. You can change tileset back to Chesthole, MSXotto+ or RetroDays in options under graphics tab.
Before you had ChestHole tileset it seems. There are few versions of it in the game. Check them and see what was yours.


ahhhhh I did do a compleate system reset so it must have changed my tile set

If any is curious. New England rarely have wide open spaces like those posted. We normally have a very dense amount of trees. Only open areas are where humans cut everything down.

can some one tell me what was the tile set I showed on the original pic a bug limited my tile set and I lost but have now regained those options