Looking for modding help again

I want to make a weapon that can act as a tazer. As a makeshift varaiant, duct tape an aluminum bat and stick a battery to it for a weak tazer effect or a high-tech blade (Deus Ex’s Dragon’s Tooth for example) that is ultra rare but a good melee weapon as well as a taser.

Now I don’t know what to use for that, tools can’t have melee weapon ‘skills’ as far as I can tell and I don’t know if you can make weapons that can be activated like a chainsaw.
Also maybe I’m just daft and I’m overlooking the obvious. I just plain have no experience with this.

Uhh, that’s gonna be a hard work. Have you already had a look at the ecosystem of the Whales code?

Define a ‘look’, please. I’ve delved into the simpler modding of itypedef already.
It’s not difficult to make a tool that has strong cutting damage and can be used to shoot an electric charge, but it has no option to block or do a quick attack like a Katana. The point would be to have a katana or bat that can block but also activates for additional effects. The whole thing would look like this ( I know I don’t exactly make balanced items, but they’re just for fun)

TOOL("Shockblade", 2,8400,';',c_ltred, STEEL, PLASTIC, // VOL WGT DAM CUT HIT MAX DEF USE SEC FUEL REVERT FUNCTION 15, 16, 8, 50, 1, 700, 0,20, 0, AT_BATT, itm_null, &iuse::tazer,0,"\ A short blade with ergonomic plastic grip. It uses battery charges to generate\n\ energy around the blade, adding an electrocuting effect to the strike.\n\ It was develloped for use by high-end mercenaries.");

I suppose I could do something like the Chainsaw, powering it with batteries and requiring a UPS plugged in, but that would still be a tool and doesn’t allow the Tech tags like TECH( mfb(TEC_WBLOCK_1) | mfb(TEC_RAPID) ); I want.
I suppose there needs to be an addition to iuse as well… I suppose that making armor with status effects (powered armor with restricted DEX but increased STR) also would be this level of difficulty.