My longest living survivor!

So, my survivor “Doc”, just made it to Summer, day 9. Most of my other characters die on day 7 or 8, so this is a pretty big achievement for me. I have a base in a church, a WIP RV named “Lucy” with steel plating and a vehicle mounted machine gun, as well as a vehicle forge and chemistry lab.

I have a HUGE supply of strong and weak alcohol (As far as I can tell, you use the strong alcohol for crafting, and drink the weak stuff for a little strength boost), a barrel collecting water (Did I mention I got fabrication to level 9?), a metalworking station with all the tools I need, and a fire ax with level 4 in melee and bashing, as well as a M1014 and an M1911, just in case I run into particularly nasty zombies. I also carry a sledgehammer for breaking into gun stores and other buildings.

Using the StatsThroughSkills mod, I have gotten all stats up to 11, and dexterity to 12. I have Karate, Tae Kwon do, and Aikido styles, as well as a decent skill in unarmed combat. My town is completely cleared out of zombies. The only nasties left are a few shockers and spitters in the very north, and a chicken walker to the northeast, as well as a few zombies in the back of a gun store (Very bad, can break the glass and summon eyebots.). My character took on a MOOSE.

So, I think it’s safe to say I’m at the start of the mid-game. I accidentally blew my arm off with a homemade grenade, but once that heals up, I can fill the RV up with water from the fire engine to the north, and prepare for a journey.

The question is, where? What do I do now that I’ve left the early stage of fleeing every zombie child I see, and entered the one where I can confidently take on large numbers of zombies in melee. And I’m lost. I have no idea what to do now that I’ve gotten a good character going. So, what do I do in the mid-game?


Take that barret and go snipe out the turrets from some military bases!

Wage war on the fungus! Death to the fungus! EXTERMINATE

Setup a farm, stockpile staple food. CAN EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING GOES IN CANS. Then sell it to the refugee center a giant CASK OF WINE at a time until you are Apocalypse Billionaire.

Build a mobile deathwagon and use it to cleanse the biggest city you can find.


Build a cabin in the woods for your vacation home. From trees.

Kill a zombie Hulk with motocycle with spikes on it, then nuke the corpse!

The world is over, do what you want!

Don’t forget, every car needs a gas tank and a FRUIT WINE TANK! Get you Drink and Drive on 10 L at a time. Because being a wino is better at 60 mph!

Enjoy alcohol responsible. Don’t drink and drive.

These sound like great ideas, all I have to do is wait for my arm to regenerate. I saw a hospital to the west, so I might go there. Maybe I’ll eventually find a lab? Also, how do you can stuff? I never knew that was possible

You can can stuff with empty tin cans and scrap metal and a can sealer (in my experimental version). You can can stuff in glass jars as well. Don’t remember the skill requirements.

This is really useful for tomatos, you can grow tons of them in the summer and can them so you can make pizza and pasta all winter. Every other vegetable I just dehydrate cause it’s all just "vegetables’ when you preserve them.

[quote=“Logiwonk, post:4, topic:13529”]Don’t forget, every car needs a gas tank and a FRUIT WINE TANK! Get you Drink and Drive on 10 L at a time. Because being a wino is better at 60 mph!

Enjoy alcohol responsible. Don’t drink and drive.[/quote]

This is classic!!

Believe it or not, I have tons of that stuff lying around. So filling a 60L tank couldn’t be that hard. If I can’t fill that, I’ll just fill it with some other kind of drink I have lying around.

Actually, a coffee tank sounds pretty useful. Coffee tank, hotplate and pot, and I can complete my number one Cataclysm DDA milestone.

Drinking a cup of coffee every day for several seasons.

Only in cdda could this sentence make sense!