Cant clean water

Has anyone else run into this issue with the new 0.5 version? I can no longer clean my water like I use to, I use to fill all my old plastic bottles with water, go to a fire with a pot and turn it into clean water, now I try the same thing and it says I have nowhere to put the water… is this suppose to happen?

I think your procedure is wrong.

You need a single empty container of any size to transfer the cleaned water into another container; this can’t be the container you’re going to put the water in.

What I like to do is, get a gallon jug and a single plastic bottle, and go to a proper water source like a toilet or a shallow pond. You don’t need to stock up on dirty water beforehand.
If you’re outdoors, light a fire with an arrow (or whatever) next to the tile with the water source, and craft Clean Water.
If you’re indoors, you’ll have to use a hotplate.
You can do this for as long as your fire lasts, or as long as you have battery charges in the case of a hotplate.