Like Bandwagons? Come play Twitch Plays CDDA

I set up some Twitch Plays Pokemon for CDDA on my stream, and I will provide some color commentary.

If you aren’t familiar with Twitch Plays Pokemon, there is a good write up about it here:

Basically, it is a stream where you can go play Cataclysm DDA, hopefully with a bunch of other people, all at the same time.

Capital letters, you type, “shift r” to read for example.

As there is no end game to CDDA, let’s say getting to the refugee center and doing all the quests counts as winning.

I upped the spawn rate of everything, and surrounded start, hordes, and multi pool, so I made you guys black belt. I will turn it down if it becomes a problem. Good luck!



We were punching a hulk in the face because it had the audacity to spawn right outside the shelter.

And Diego, our NPC buddy dived out the window to beat it with a baseball bat. Diego is scarier than we are.