Watchcdda - Cataclysm: DDA ssh server - watch and play

It allows:

  • playing on the server.
  • watching other people play on the server.
  • playing a group game where everyone controls the same game at once.
  • playing a pseudo-multiplayer game where players play on the same world.

[to join]
PM me a username and secure password here, reddit, or on irc at #CataclysmDDA on freenode. You will log in over ssh. If you are on windows, I suggest using putty. I will reply to messages with the login information. When you type in your password you will not see characters but the password is still being entered.

To play connect to watchcdda through ssh (windows users may need an ssh client such as putty) and selecting the play option. Other players can watch your progress at any time. The top of your window will show you who is watching your game. You can watch others while you play by opening other sessions. If you are disconnected, your game will resume where you left off when you reconnect. But please 'Q’uit the game when you leave.

Select the watch option and then a player to watch them. You will have to resize your window to match the term size they are playing at. Most players avoid using an absolutely massive term-size so you won’t have to zoom out much. To watch multiple games, open multiple sessions. To stop watching player, close the terminal/window.

There is always a group game that everyone can access by selecting the ‘group’ option at the prompt. Any player that connects to this game will have direct control over it. In this game people fight for control and try to coordinate playing one game together.

I set up a game where users play separate games on the same world(s) simultaneously. This is played by selecting the ‘multiplayer’ option at the prompt. Each player’s actions alter the world. Things get weird when reality bubbles overlap. The changes to the map of the last character to leave the area or save stick. Reloading or entering this zone can cause time and seasonal changes. Players can not actually see each other, but we were able to duplicate and trade items, though. We also play capture the flag and pvp games (with traps). Custom maps are especially useful for this so that we spawn in the same area. This is a new addition, but appears to be working as expected. Rules differ per map.

The vast majority of communication for the server happens over irc at #CataclysmDDA on freenode. I set up a mumble server for VOIP as well. The information for how to connect is in the banner you get when you log in. I also take messages here and on reddit. irc is especially useful for coordinating group/multiplayer games.

[the build]
I back up saves daily and generally recompile daily as well.

The current mods available are Pk’s, arcana, cata++, mining, ninja, add bandits, and battle maid. I will add more on request as long as they are reasonably stable.

[what you can’t do]

  • You can not use tilesets, because the game is played over ssh.
  • Same goes for sound.
  • The lua console has been disabled for security reasons, but lua still works for mods. Debug works as well, other than the console.

Please do not:

  • delete characters in the group game.
  • delete worlds in the multiplayer game.
  • play or delete characters that are not yours in the multiplayer game.
    Please do:
  • be courteous to other players over irc.
  • be reasonable with resource utilization.
  • 'Q’uit the game when you leave.

Have fun!