German "Let's Play" Video on CDDA

Hi! This is my first post here in the forums. I just wanted to inform the German folk here that I created a German “Let’s Play” video about CDDA. The first part is only 13 minutes long and half of it is character creation, but more parts will follow. I would also be quite comfortable with doing an English video, but there are already enough and I would like to talk my German friends into that game. I really love that game, but I have yet only played it a couple of times and never survived longer than 3 days. I played it in GNU/linux (Ubuntu, gnome) and recorded it with “Kazam” and it seemed to work pretty well.

I am quite new to doing youtube videos and I stumble a bit at the beginning, but it gets better when I actually start playing and don’t have to concentrate too much on talking. I have done a video on DoomRL (with tiles) once and recorded it with fraps on windows. However, while fraps was on, the game was very slow and it wasn’t fun to play like this at all, so I stopped after only two parts. I am glad that I can record this game on linux with free software and without any problems. So if you’re German, maybe you might want to have a look at it. But I warn you, it’s not too interesting. It’s more targeted at people who haven’t played this game yet and might want to look at it before trying it out themselves. At least that’s the only reason why I usually watch such videos, usually I prefer playing myself :wink:

If you did let’s plays in English I would totally watch them, do what you want though. :slight_smile:

Great! I really onjoy watching these gameplays. Also, welcome to the community.

While I only understand about 2% of what you’re saying in your video, I’m psyched as all heck to see it!

Welcome to the community, and I hope that your let’s play opens the game up for more Germanophone players to join in.

Update: I just realized, that there is already another German gameplay video, which was uploaded about one month ago, so it wasn’t there when I started CDDA and was searching for videos. Well, he has quite a different “style” and when there are several videos on it, that can’t be bad for the community. And since the game is in development, in a couple of month these videos will be outdated either way. Also, I showed more of the character creation. Because I love that part of the game.


(English/USian speaker, took 5 years German and a student exchange)

Gute Arbeit!

EDIT: Ich habe gerade bemerkt, dass die Sachen, die du mit der Maus anzeigen willst etwas verschoben sind! Liegt wahrscheinlich an der Aufnahme.

@Rookie: Ja, das ist mir auch schon aufgefallen, daher werde ich in zukünftigen Videos eher den im Spiel integrierten cursor (x-Taste) verwenden.

Die zweite Aufnahme ist mir leider nicht gelungen, daher ist das zweite Video bereits meine dritte Aufnahme. Leider ist deswegen nicht zu sehen, wie ich vier Zombies bewusst in eine Bärenfalle gelockt hab, die ich irgendwo in der Nähe meines Shelters gefunden hab. Zukünftig werde ich vor meinen Aufnahmen wohl den Speicherstand copypasten. Denn ich hatte auch schon bugs erlebt, die das Spiel unspielbar gemacht haben, das würde ich bei einer Aufnahme vermeiden wollen.

we might want to add a ‘cataclyms newbie subforum’ or cataclysm game help sub-forum so we can get all the help in one place.

then we can have a stickied post for youtube videos. people can post new ones and then people with admin rights can periodically add them to the top.

if we want to make the big time, we need to get quill18 to do a lets play for us.