Game does not launch from Launcher or exe

Last week my game was working just fine then after trying to launch today the game automatically closes.

I get returned to the launcher with the notification game process has ended.

Version 84f3a1a
Windows 10

I’ve tried:

-Launching from exe: It just doesn’t start
-Launching the exe as administrator: wont start
-Using launcher with exe set to start as administrator: get an error about anivirus, i only use windows defender.
-Whitelisted exe and folder on defender and it still wont work
-full reinstall
-tried launching to prev version
-changing main file locations

Any thoughts you guys might have would be appreciated.

Like I said earlier, game was working fine a week ago, now it refuses to boot up.

Update the launcher Release Add option to chose build type · Fris0uman/CDDA-Game-Launcher · GitHub chose msvc buil, update, and it should work

it worked! you are the man!