Launcher detected as malware

Sorry if this is already discussed but the launcher files are being detected falsely as malware by Win Defender and other scanners like Malwarebytes. Files being tagged.

Any idea what caused it? Worked fine until today’s build update.

I’m having this same problem. Windows Defender quarantined my launcher files

Yea win defender just straight up deleted my cddalauncher.exe out of nowhere this morning. I just made an exception for it, re-installed and continued on. I don’t know if there is any validity to the warning though, but I took my chances seeing as I’ve had the same version of the launcher on my system for a week and half already.

If the cdda launcher really has a trojan in it than remyroy is welcome to all my chili recipes while I format my system and reboot.

Almost certainly a false positive, it happens to the launcher sometimes.

I like how windows 10 just updates itself and decides to delete my programs, I thought I bought and owned this computer? I the “human” don’t even warrant a warning or a pop-up message asking me if it is ok to delete my software? Apparently not, just one minute you are playing and a couple hours later the short-cut on your desktop is a dead-link telling you the .exe no longer exists.

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If you want to completely own your computer, there are options other than Windows.

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Apparently so, at my basic level of use I have not had an issue with windows until today (been using since '95) that was like this, where the OS literally just deleted an .exe purely autonomously. I guess I need to think about other options, because this really pissed me off and caused me about 20 minutes of time earlier this morning for no reason.

Sadly it’s annoying but it’s really four files that the scanners pick up. The Start Menu lnk file, the Desktop shortcut file, the launcher exe file, and another file that I think is related to starting up the launcher. Basically makes the launcher as useless as a brick until you whitelist it. I really just had to ask cause I didn’t know if someone had an idea of what triggered the av to crap itself over a game lol.

It’s thankfully (from what I heard) a false positive. If you want, you can go ahead and tell Win Def to whitelist it.

That’s funny because the win defender did the same thing. Some AV programs are super anal about removing perceived threats right away automatically. Great for actually bad programs but when it gets a false reading? A big annoyance.

Just disable all anti virus stop being a whimp… :stuck_out_tongue:

Laughs in Linux dual boot with heavily modified windows

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I just downloaded 1.4.2 and it didn’t get detected.

It’s a 1.4.3 issue.

I don’t know how they could do it, but the launcher could always get signed or something so that windows wouldn’t get spooked.

RemyRoy (author of the launcher) has answered this question…several times.

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