Launcher always crashing on updates

Whenever I try to update using the launcher, the Launcher just crashes upon trying to update. It stores my save files perfectly well, but I have to manually reinstall the latest game and any mods not packaged with the game as well. The same thing happens if I try to hit “Install Game”.

Is this something wrong with the Launcher? Am I just using an old one? Are my save files too big? I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

What launcher are you using? I’m using the one from the old forums (CDDA Game Launcher) and had no problems updating the game, in fact I just updated it today and the only problem I had was that it wasn’t showing the changelog. Also the version I’m using is ‘1.3.10’.

Doesn’t say which Launcher version I’m using, sadly.

Here’s the download link for the lastest version of the launcher:

Ah. This is the one I’m using.

Not sure what’s wrong with it.

I’m planning to migrate my character to another world soon, so I’ll see if that helps.

How come? ‘Help - About CDDA Game Launcher’ does not give any window or is there no such button at all?