Latest Experimental build, what's new?

so its been a while since im waiting for the latest experimental build to released, and now its released and im on B267 using my new save (my old one somehow bugged the hell out :smile: )

but then i was wondering, what is the new feature of this latest experimental build… anyone knows what’s new in the latest experimental build now?

If you use the launcher, you can see recent changes on each expiremental build.

Its honestly far too many to list, the launcher does a good job of making additions readable, autosort is a great new addition as well as a firewood source addition, we no longer have to organize or forget to feed the fire :smiley:

heck, i didn’t know there was a launcher for this game…

where can i get it?

oohh that’s good change… but i never feed fire because once i made campfire near gas station…

I’m on a phone so this may not have worked right, but you should be able to check it out here:

Yay for sounds and being able to get any new version while keeping the previous save!



Heh, we just did that at the same time. Literally less than 10 seconds apart.

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post fast, quick info :smile:

thanks, but sadly reddit is considered illegal site here where i live so… thanks @TheMurderUnicorn for da github.

thanks @redxlaser15 for telling me the launcher… surely need one.

Your welcome! Even if for some strange reason that website is illegal…
Why is that exactly? Seems odd.

my country here is having some sort of social crime where rape criminal is increasing and the government is blaming the internet so government creates rule that internet shall be secured heavily…

Reddit was one of them, categorized as “contain porn content” …

Reddit should be illegal everywhere. x_x Ruining the internet.

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how? i even found so many meme come from reddit…

could it be its about that R34?

Nah, I was just kidding. I find that reddit is full of screaming teenagers and people posting intentionally offensive/hurtful material to get a reaction from others.

It would have been great when I was like 15 but now that I’m an adult it just gets on my nerves.

Just my personal opinion.

I don’t really know/use Reddit much. Only really when it randomly pops up when I’m doing research or when someone provides a useful link to it.
If you really care, you could try and find someone’s WiFi that has no password and use that… My 10th grade teacher taught me that that was a thing.

ohh yeah, i heard about it too, so its true about Reddit being toxic site…

no wonder it’s blocked here.

and you, my friend, is predicting how am i connect to internet… my neighbor is just subscribing to a local network provider and i somehow successfully crack the password of its WiFi…

now im still using it :smile:

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You know, we WERE talking about what new on the latest expiremental build…
But nah, let’s just talk about Reddit.

we’re going off-road eh :laughing:

oh yeah, i just found a strange temple in this latest Experimental, is that new?

I’ve never seen one myself, but I’ve heard meantion of such a thing for possibly over a year.