Latest Experimental build, what's new?

but i found one during my first test of B267, its near a city and forest…

it was an empty place with only 4 sewer grate and 1 pedestal, with eye-shaped diagram and spherical on top of it.

Well, I don’t know much about those things so I can’t say much about them in general. All I can really tell you is they’ve been around for a while and you can apparently find artifacts inside of them.

almost… but the room is filled with fire… so i forcefully enter and killed by burning.

hmm sounds good.

Have you seen Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark? You know the scene with the temple? From what I’ve heard, thats basically what you should expect.

ohh… but mine was just single hall full of fire…

There are multiple levels from what I’ve read. Each more horribly booby trapped than the last.

hmm… then i must be unlucky to enter hall of fire then…

well… not only that some classes also has their equipment changed, my favorite one, military recruit. has added MOLLE pack and some MBR vest with 2 magazine for m4a1.

Both temples I’ve cleared had fire hallways, so that’s not uncommon. Thermal dissipation CMB works wonders there.

It may be because you entered forcibly, instead of using the key to get in. Petrified eye I think its called.

duuuhh, i forget about that CBM… no wonder i got burned to dead.

i use petrified eyes to enter the place…

i used petrified eyes to get in tho… must be bugged.

Not necessarily. I have no idea, that was just a guess.

The hall of fire is the first test in a temple, you need fireproof gear or some crazy luck/speed to get through safely. Fireproof gear is easy to get though, thanks to fire trucks and stations. Or you could do like I did one time, use a jackhammer to cut a path through the wall

never knew it was possible…

That fireproofing cbm works well too.

As of this morning:

  • vehicle safe and maximum velocities for large, heavy vehicles cut way down
  • vehicle safe and maximum velocities for small vehicles increased
  • vehicle range somewhat decreased (sorry!)
  • vehicle speed is determined by something resembles actual physics
  • vehicles without windshields experience much more drag than vehicles with windshields and are thus slower
  • you can no longer power 2-6 kW worth of alternators with a stationary bike.

Some people may say that these changes are a For Realizm nerfs!, but I prefer to think of them as huge buff for small vehicles.

How does the game decide how much drag there should be if there is no windshield?

My tank for example doesn’t have any, its entirely sealed off with quarterpanels and boards, and I see outside with cameras.

base co-efficient of air drag (CoD) is calculated by going down each column of the vehicle and taking the highest value. each column starts at 0.25, +0.1 for having rams, +0.2 for not having half-boards in front of full-boards, +0.3 for not having windshields in front of seats, +0.3 for not having roofs over seats, +0.3 for having turrets, -0.1 for being twice as long as the vehicle is wide. So basically, the aerodynamics of a tank are terrible and you’re looking at a base CoD around 1.0.

Effective CoD is multiplied by an approximation of the vehicle width in meters and an approximation of the vehicle height - 1.4m for motorcycles, +0.6 for having aisles, +0.5 for having fullboards, +0.1 for having roofs, so your tank is probably about 3m wide and 2.5m tall and you’ve got an effective CoD of 7.5. Compare that to a sports car, which has a base CoD of 0.25 or so, a width of ~2m, and a height of 1.5m, for an effective CoD around 0.75.

Air drag is proportional to the square of velocity times effective CoD, which is one of the reasons a sports car can reach 175mph with a single V12 and 3 v8s get a light tank to 51 mph. The other reasons include the tank massing 20x as much as the sports car and having at least 20x the rolling resistance.

whoa, no wonder i see some changes in the vehicle movement now…

but it’s okay though, it gives me that realism feeling of abandoned cars with only few gas left…

i also found that some profession has new gear added, Military Recruit now has extra ammo + MBR Vest and MOLLE pack.