Large wooden sheets?

ok sooo I just updated my game and to build a crate I need wooden sheets but I can’t craft them?

I don’t think they are craftable, but you can get them by disassembling furniture like cupboards, etc.

Wood sheets aren’t craftable, they represent full sheets of plywood.

Wood panels are craftable from sheets, and they’re also very common from disassembling anything with a flat surface. Doors and tables for example.

Yeah it’s just more over-complicated b******* that was added on recently. Just disassemble a table it should give you a panel or sheet

I mean . . . literally everything was made of 2 by 4s before. There’s been different types of metal for ages, the same logic should be applied to wood. I’m not sure why plywood is ‘over-complicated bullshit’.


Tables were a thing long before plywood was invented, so were doors as was most other wooden furniture.

Sure, no doubt. But the average (or maybe I’m just poor?) sofa and armchair, for instance, would contain plywood. All my cabinets use particle board. My desk is pressed sawdust sheets . . . Even my bedframe is partially plywood.

Although . . . now I’m really thinking it might just be that I’m super poor. Are those things average or is it just my slum-life?

My point is that plywood shouldn’t be a requirement for wood furniture, an option? yes but required? no.
As for if you are rich or not? I’ve never been rich by anyones standard but I own a few hardwood pieces of furniture because I tend to buy stuff like that second hand, it’s higher quaility and lasts far longer then much of the crap that floods the market these days.


It’s hard to argue with that. Simple wood furniture out of whatever material you have on hand makes sense.

It’s just silly to me. We live in an age where any guy who can read instructions can put together flat-pack furniture from Walmart. But I understand the new system and ingredients. I’m actually getting used to them and then I might even begin to like them soon

Main problem is that furniture tiles don’t have components right now so you can’t have multiple ways to build a furniture tile without either having multiple furniture entries cluttering the lists, or the ability to transmogrify components of one recipe into another by building and then disassembling. Like put two-by-fours into a table, take it apart and get wood sheets out.
It’s a limitation of the engine as it stands, and should probably be dealt with someday, but for now the recipes should just cover the most common variety of things IMO.

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A recipe for wooden sheets would help, it might not be totally realistic but the requirement to have wooden sheets in the first place isn’t realistic and at least it would serve as a stopgap measure until/if the code gets looked at.

Edit: or wooden panels to make wooden sheets.

Edit 2: also, I don’t think “most common” should be the defining value. Most practical in the circumstances seems more appropriate, almost anyone should be able to knock together a rough version of this:

With no special wood types required.


This reminds me of the suggestion someone made for more makeshift furniture. I think a “plank table” furniture item explicitly made from 2x4s would serve the needed purpose of not requiring a table to make a table. Since it’s a different furniture item entirely it would always disassemble into nails and planks, avoiding the issue of getting wooden sheets from a table made entirely of 2x4s.

If it bothers you so deeply, consider adding an alternate recipe. I do have plans to make wooden panels craftable from logs some day, but it’s far from a priority given how common I made them. Wood panel is meant to represent a wide range of flat boards for all kinds of things, not specifically plywood, but I’d like better tool options before I make it craftable from scratch.

If your concern is rather that you don’t like having new things added to the game, I’m afraid you’ll not get far.


Right— it’s easy to think of them in a more abstract way, like types of building blocks / lego. Sheets for panels, plywood, or other flat sections of furniture & constructions. 2x4s for structural connectors, braces, and longer bits of furniture & constructions.

Building furniture w/o sheets (“makeshift” or “plank” furniture) sounds like a good spinoff or addition to more makeshift items. :slight_smile:

That being said, I’m loving that some more interesting details are being added to the woodworking side of things.

–I just looked at the item browser. Are chairs somehow no longer craftable?

pretty sure I was the one who made the makeshift furniture post

that’s for Items.things you can pick up. not construction. chairs are a thing just not an Item you can stuff in your pack

ohhh right. I guess the craftable tables/workbenches searchable in there are vehicle component tables. I’d love it if construction recipes were also included in that tool…

Well that and there is the place table/workbench construction meaning a workbench/table item would be needed

Ok, so what you’re saying is that someone going for a from-scratch forest log cabin build sort of thing cannot craft a table, or a door, or a shelf for all the wood in New England?

This heavily and unfairly limits an otherwise well-encouraged playstyle doesn’t it?