Construction/Craft addition

Can we get an option for making 2x4s from logs? picking them up, applying an axe and then dropping them is not only tedious, but completely unrealistic. Especially after you just felled a tree and now have 30-odd logs to go through.

I was mostly going insane at first because (i’ve only been at this a few days) i was looking at the wiki on construction and sat there trying to ‘chop up a log’ to get 2x4s to know avail.

(a)pply a wood saw to a log, and you will receive 2x4s and splintered wood. The higher your construction, the less splintered wood, and the more 2x4s.

the point is you cant do it without picking up the logs first into your inventory, which when you need to make 30logs into 2x4s, is an asinine amount of pick up and drop

Constuction: Water wells

This is very needed.

I’m not sure if any of the other posters read the OP, but I agree that you shouldn’t have to have enough room to put a log in your inventory in order to chop it up. Perhaps a way of chopping it up while its still on the ground?

Have a wood saw in your hands. ‘A’pply it to the log? I don’ tknow if that is a choice yet. Or 'E’xamine.

from appearances (or terrible writing) the contruction menu used to do it, but theres an option to make boards from heavy sticks with a saw, so perhaps adding axes to the tools and logs to the materials would solve this problem

Not really. With the current crafting system that would just result in getting one 2x4 per log. The way it is now is a workaround so you can actually get more than one plank per log.

I’ve been trying to make sense of the way things are setup in the code and given it’s a language i’m not entirely fluent in makes it a fair bit more difficult

If that is the limitation and/or workaround - then wouldn’t it be pausible to double-tag the ‘chop up a log’ construction method to work on both a fallen tree as well as the ‘log’ item object? The end result seems to be an ‘X-Y’ range of production from the Tree action, so adding an if([Axe + Tree] or [axe/saw + log]) = x-y production of log/2x4 based on the input params

an extra if-check on the input would still allow it to be tagged into the crafting as well, method A=X output, method B=Y output - setting up the skeleton for the logic would also open the door to stacking certain recipies (like how we have 2 damaged shelter options) to be 1 option that validates multiple ‘recipies’ on the code side. Using the ? option on a crafting selection could give information about the ones with multiple methods for the same output as well as the item information.

It is by no means elegant, but when you’re limiting a lot of things based on letter options for menu selection, a little stacking here and there is going to be required at some point - planning for it early will save on an epic amount of rewrite later