I want to be able to build chairs

Also tables

Sounds reasonable. I’ll take a look.

Looked. They’re already in construction.json. Something not working right?

They don’t show up in the construction menu with version 0.9

You need the correct tools to have them light up.

No, they’re absent from the menu.
Roof shows up in grey right now. That takes more tools than a chair.

I’m starting to think recipes…

No, they’re absent from the menu.
Roof shows up in grey right now. That takes more tools than a chair.[/quote]

I was able to build a table and a chair using today’s experimental. Recommend you update.

Tables and chairs are boards with varying amount of legs stuck on them. They are not difficult to build. I know the current trend is for everything more complicated than a knife spear to be stuck in a book, but really?

I was only going off the available information, I didn’t say it was a good idea. And also, fancy chairs.

Add a morale boost to being around fancy chairs and its Dwarf Fortress :slight_smile:

“You see a teak chair decorated with zombiebone on it is a carving of zombies.”

Is there really a reason that an accomplished carpenter is completely unable to come up with a better chair design all by himself? Is the post-Cataclysm world populated only by crude mockeries of humanity, devoid of any independent thought or creativity, able only to vaguely mimic the actions of their predecessors? Because with how limited the autolearnt recipes are becoming, it’s starting to get a little insulting, frankly. Do you have so little confidence in humanity’s ability to learn from experience?

Can we make regular beds in the experimental version? Not just “makeshift beds”

Because I have all the time in the world to make this shit.

Can’t comment on beds, but I think the shift of most things into recipe books is sort of a good idea until skills get a lot more balanced out. Before, it meant that getting up to level 4 in whatever gave you access to pretty much everything and you could just make spears or whatever till you got there, whereas now it forces you to explore and find the recipe books.

I think that getting the character to explore rather than just grind up is a noble goal (however unrealistic the outcome may become) and the whole ‘blank slate character’ thing is normal for rpgs really. Obviously this needs better balance, but I do think this is a much better system overall.

Wait, can someone confirm that somebody booked chairs and tables?

I am almost utterly sure that nobody did that. If someone did, i’ll make an issue and see about getting it fixed.

You know, having furniture (tables, dining room chairs) turn into just a pile of 2x4s seems odd.

Thought about giving them, say, four "a furniture leg"s instead of a couple of the 2x4s? It’d feel more realistic than everything turning from a finished product BACK into lumber from Home Depot, and it’d give people an alternative to a pointy stick or pipe early on. You can swing a chair leg at zombies.

Constructions can (currently) not be booked. Also chairs and tables can be build without any construction skill in the current experimental version.