Idea board "survival"

similar to my survivalist tricks board this is mostly to chat, improve and work on ideas.
!. log furniture. simple furniture using mostly cut logs and rope to take the place of simple furniture. log table log chair. as an example. a log table is 3 logs. two cuts in half taking the 4 legs and 1 cut in half to form the table. with 2 or so ropes to hold it all together with the chair is just a log cut to work as a simple stump chair.
2 Stone nails. a makeshift nail system. would not be able to be a replacement on normal nail furniture but could be used to make a more medieval style of furniture or used in recipes where nails are ammo or something similar.

You can implement furniture constructions in JSON, so why don’t you contribute some of these to the game? Guide to 1st time contributors will give you the basics of JSON editing.

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I may try at some point. but this is also for improving the ideas.
I am a firm believer in that old saying it sounded better in my head. so these are to also help impove how a idea sounds and stuff

Stone nails won’t work. They break to easy. However. Wood nails work well. So long as the hole is drilled for the wooden nail to pass through. Using another log to hammer the nail through the hole in each piece of wood. Nails the 2 pieces of wood together.

Both parts require the hole for the wooden peg/nail to be drilled first. You can do this with a sufficiently sharp enough knife. Stone…heh, maybe for game purposes. But a stone blade would be slow to do this in order to avoid snapping the stone. It takes about an hour per connection including the wood nail, using a stone knife.

Metal blades without much worry of breaking the blade wouldn’t take as long.

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ah fair point. thanks I thought stone nails would be sturdy

Sadly not. Depends on the stone of course. Marble would break, but not as easy as other forms of stone.

Wood being fiberous is oddly a better type of material to use. Uneven wooden nails with splinters and such are still able to be hammered through a hole to make a connection rather sturdy. Go figure. :man_shrugging:

it woud still need its own furniture style to prevent disasable problem. so you don’t get nails when you used wooden nails

This is true. Primitive recipe–> no nails

but see this I what I mean its mostly for Idea work. to help impove and share ideas

Could lash things together with rope, string, or withered plants. Many makeshift tool and weapon recipes already work this way.

Also, a lot of primitive construction uses mud or clay to help stick things together and fill gaps. Resin is a good material for this as well.

A hammock maybe? made with long/heavy sticks + makeshift ropes? something you can set up and take down like the campbed.

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could work but would need a max two long sticks or pointy sticks as well. max since one or both ends could be tied to something else like two trees or a wall and stick