Survivalist's Furniture

I have been thinking. would having some more makeshift furniture be a good idea? By that, you have the log walls and log/sod roof and rope and plank doors. some rope and wood furniture would fit and would help with players that like me like starting from nothing and having to build-up it would let us avoid buildings up until stronger weapons can be made.

There was a suggestion on github for wooden dowels as a real-world alternative to nails, though technical problems stand in the way – the way it works now, you could put wooden dowels into a piece of furniture and take it apart and get nails out.

oh I was more thinking rope/ some kind of natural glue over nails but that seems like a interasting idea

I guess they would have to result in “makeshift chair” or some such to have separate breakdown parts.

yeah this is what i was talking about. new Makeshift funtiture that can be build form things found/crafted for the forest and swamp

Hammock, String it up between 2 trees.


Like sinew? Or plant fibre plus pine sap? They’re both already in the game.

Would love to build a log cabin though. With a stone foundation to protect from the rising damp. If you cut the logs so they interlock then you don’t need nails. But you may need help with the roof, though that’s what roof raising parties are for.

I had planned to put giant frogs in the game. Planned to give them a harvestable part that could be boiled into adhesive, so there’d be another ‘natural’ way of getting glue. Turns out frogs are in the game already and not what I had in mind at all. x_x

They behave like frogs would if they were that huge too. While driving they tend to jump in front of your ride to go SPLAT!! lol

I was think Raw Pine sap is too weak. But something I call Pine pitch would work. (i think it was used as a sealent for old wood ships and was very sticky) for the game If i could make it (can’t program) It would be around 3 pine sap. some water. and woodash.

Wasn’t tar also used? Perhaps we could also add tar pits. Not sure how easy it is to add additional biomes without overwriting others. A new recipe is probably easier.

Log walls are buildable.

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I wouldnt mind having some sort of scrap furnitures of various kinds! especially a quick to setup sheet metal roof without flooring or so be great!

recent idea. Clay Barriels. to large to really move but can be used to store a large amount of liquid or used to store items. less space then metal standing tanks and in a way cost more to make then a wooden tank. but can be made from supplies from nature aka no nails or metal

Large clay pots can hold almost 40 liters.

ah. I was thinking of those large clay wine barrels I say all the time in Assassins creed Odyssey

Yeah, the clay hydria is what Manatar was referring too. I haven’t played Odyssey but I assume you’re talking about the large vases they used to store water and dilute wine in Ancient Greece. They’re probably the same thing, or at least similar.

yep. I just figured the thicker clay could also be used as a sudocrate so you have a storage device without nails.

For (some) wooden containers etc, wouldn’t the ember/dug out canoe building technique be adaptable?

In theory yeah, but you’re limited to a fraction of the volume that would fit in a log anyway. Dugout canoes weren’t exactly used for cargo capacity after all.

Realistically I think the main things to focus on should be to help the player for just one step above the bare minimum. Stuff that requires little effort to build and just meets the minimum comfort requirements.

I.E. A makeshift table for eating and crafting, made from logs, two short ropes, and heavy sticks, a stool made from a single log for sitting at said table. I recall a desperate thread suggesting a “stump stove” which could work but I’m not familiar with the particulars.

The walls, roof, and door are already covered by the constructions that already exist in game. I could also maybe see a point to be made for a dirt and clay fireplace if it was easier than gathering up 40 rocks.

Primitive food storage can be achieved with a cellar, and everything else you can basically dump on the floor or on the aforementioned makeshift table.