Large wooden sheets?

yeah with no way to make them It makes the point of my old Survivalist furniture post even worse. Because I just wanted something That did not use nails until I could make them. Know I HAVE to salavage stuff for a simple crate

Suggestion: require wood saw or equivalent (toolbox etc.) as a tool, then a couple two by fours, some superglue or bone glue, and then new sandpaper item (craftable from paper and Idk, something rough, maybe not strictly sand, but sand or other similar ingredient). Wood saw to cut the two by fours into thinner pieces, glue to glue them side by side, and sandpaper to smooth it down.

Also maybe make it logs OR two by fours.

I think a Sanding tool type since a type of rock tool could likely be done to do the same.

it doesn’t really bother me that deeply it’s just a game. I mean the frozen water causes me more problems and I have to deal with it on a far more common bases. And I get quite far in doing so

Some of this flexibility is already suggested in the game, it just needs to be expanded on.

There’s already a table recipe in the craft menu (craft menu - not construction menu) and all you need are more options for the recipe. You can then place the table from the construction menu.

We just need more placeable furniture that can be crafted and transported as regular items beforehand. This approach would provide more options and flexibility than the rigid construction menu and allow you to bang all your furniture into cargo carriers if you want to move it great distances (or loot a house for furniture if you’re lazy).

It still bothers me a little that someone took away the “place anvil” construction too, that’s hinting at the wrong direction to take regarding furniture, though isn’t really an issue in itself.

edit: though we’ll need interactions with more furniture to “pick it up” or “take it down” like you do with tourist tables, funnels etc.

Maybe being able to place, pick up, and move furniture would be more convenent for a large relocation, though it potentially litters regular play with notification messages. However, it isn’t a solution to why wood sheets exist, or why there aren’t wood sheet-free recipes for furniture that actual people can make without wood sheets.

That all pertains to the transmogrifying components issue.

If, for example, I place a table that has multiple crafting recipes, the game requires a way to keep track of what items it was made of. That’s because there is the possibility that it will be taken down and deconstructed, or smashed to pieces. I could be turning 2x4s into wood sheets, or vice versa.

In a slightly related tangent:

Furniture recipes could become generic (all functionally identical recipes produce the same functionally identical object) if there was a method of storing the information of what components were used in crafting it. This information could be accessed in the event that the furniture is dismantled or destroyed.

Actually, this might work for any recipe with multiple component options. Or not. It would be more flexible because it theoretically solves the component transmogrifying problem. It might be an inefficient method of doing so. I dunno. I was never good at coding, or efficiency.

Wood sheets should just be made craftable.