Lack of visuals in the Wiki

While editing a good sum of pages on the wiki I happened to notice that a good amount of them are devoid of any visuals of sorts. Adding concept artwork, fan art, etc to pages can only help the wiki to grow more attractive and garner a tad bit more support, which we’re a bit in lack of. Anyone else for adding visuals of some sort?

No argument on my end, though whether GlyphGryph or Kenoxite are up for it is another question.

We should add some pictures…

If anyone wants to start collecting artwork and getting it up on the wiki or posting it here for me to upload. That’d be much appreciated, I’ve got my hands full trying to bring the wiki up to date.

I’m for this idea, I’d like to know what some of these things look like.

OK, start posting 'em, and if/when you hit problems, let me know.