Help needed

Yellow, folks. I’m Anonymoose on the wiki thread

Due to the massive update and upcoming bug fixes, we need as many people (preferably those who know what is going on in .A) to help update the wiki!


Is there a to-do list somewhere?

[ul][li]The skills list needs more details. [/li]
[li]The stats page has a decent table, but not a ton of explanation.[/li]
[li]Many pages need some clean up.[/li]
[li]Craftable items don’t have any recipes to refer to on their page.[/li]
[li]Sinkholes are pretty much unexplained.[/li]
[li]Random pages (nuclear power plant, wtf?)[/li]
[li]Lots of pages are incomplete. (Computer science 101, most book pages, the Lab page needs “ice labs,” minor details that give the reader a better understanding of the game, etc.)[/li][/ul]

[li]Anything else that could be done to help improve the wiki as a learning tool for both noobs and experienced jabberwock slayers.