Krav-maga remarks

I serve in IDF and just wanted to make a few suggestions about realisation of Krav-maga in Cata.
First, Krav-maga is not about fists or legs. The main rule that our instructors gave us is “Bash with whatever you can, and if you end with your bare fists - you’re in trouble”. The main focus of military Krav-maga is about using your weapon in melee.
Basically, for now using rifle to bash zombies is useless, even stick is better. And if you add encumbance, you just can’t use it. In RL, we do a lot of training of weapon bashing with full equipment, and learn to maintain freedom of movement even in heavy bulletproof vests.
My suggestion is to make Krav-maga work with all rifles and SMGs, effectively increasing its combat speed and critical chance, also making encumberance less for purposes of hit calculation.
Also, maybe it’s a part of civil Krav-maga, but in my army training I never touched a knife as a weapon, being focused on my rifle as primary melee weapon instead.
Also Krav-maga teaches you to defend against knives and bashing weapons. Cab it be implemented for hostile NPC attacks?

Ooh, I didn’t know that much about it.
Perhaps the implementation would be increasing the melee offensive stats (bash, to-hit, and attack speed) of firearms, as well as opening certain martial manuevers with them such as Block, rapid attack, precise attack, etc.
Maybe apply similar to buffs to all sort of stick weapons and improvised weapons alike.

k just read and two things.

  1. Way to go IDF, keep being awesome. Your continued existence and thrive…iness in a hostile… area for you, is an inspiration and a great example of people’s adaptability and resilience. If there are any Israel haters reading this, sorry, but also go fuck yourself, because at the VERY least, you have to at least respect their ability to protect themselves, whether or not you like their existence.

  2. I am all for that. I havn’t looked at the various CDDA martial arts and how they interact in a while. But I think those changes would probably increase how well it stacks with other martial arts… which would be awesome.

A lot of martial arts properties are represented in rather abstract manners due to present limitations in what’s been JSONized, admittedly. Regarding weapons, it might make sense if the “increased cutting damage” armed static buff was traded for extending the “increased bashing damage” unarmed static buff to armed use. Changing at least some of the techniques to also work while armed might prove useful as well.

This is an attack on other groups of people and is not acceptable.

There are many people around the world, who explicitly hate other groups, due to historical tension or just because. All I mean to say is, as I continued to say, I don’t care who you are, or what your beliefs are, you have to respect any group of people or country that can hold their own against greater numbers. I intentionally did not call any group out, one because that would be unfair to other hateful groups that got by without being named, and wrong of me to make a generalized hate statement against a wide range of people.

I would not… support any group that hates on haters either if that helps, though I would be more…understanding. I will morally support ANY group that is only trying to defend themselves against aggression, whether said aggregation has any form of “reasonable” basis or not.

So, how well does it look like the martial arts are going to work together?

I’m not going to discuss your political views, but any statement along the lines of

If there are reading this, sorry, but also go fuck yourself,
is against the rules, understood?

Fair enough. Sorry if I stepped on toes.

Well, the discussion gone slight out of the way. It’s really nice to hear a good words to IDF, though.
So what can be done? I think that the basic “increased bashing damage” is just one line of the code.

Its going to need a few lines sadly, the game will need to understand what counts (rifle, smg, ect. Should be fairly easy, since they are classed already.), how much (most likely based on vol, or weight, or both. How much the damage should be increased.), and what ever lurks beyond my novice understanding.