Krav Maga mistake?

One of the Krav Maga static buff is the Krav Maga Edged which states that buffs cutting damage but in the code it actually buffs stabbing.

“id” : “krav_maga_static_edged”,
“name” : “Krav Maga Edged”,
“melee_allowed” : true,
“min_unarmed” : 0,
“mult_bonuses” : [[“damage”, “stab”, 1.2]],
“description” : “Increased cutting damage”

Is this intentional or an oversight? If its an oversight I will gladly make a PR myself correcting it in the manner specified but I am not sure if that is something desired right now with the probable feature freeze for the 0.D stable release. If it is desired then should I change it to cutting, add cutting and leave that as well?

It’s supposed to work with knives, not sure about other things. Knives were cutting earlier, now they are stabbing.

Feature freeze only really means no “big” features, simple tweaks of existing mechanics are fine.

So it’s a hold over from a previous change, got it. Thanks for the clarification of feature freeze!