Invalid martial arts buff


Weapon : punch dagger
Don’t know for SURE when it exactly come,
but i have for now 15 time this buff; and it still grow.
It didn’t hapened in the version right before this one. Before, this buff here only at the first turn - then it fade away (and grant Krav Manga buff if i use bare-hand attack/ weapon like punch dagger).

What i’v done recently that it may have done something :
-i’m in a lab. It happennd before too, but less often.
-i refill my light often
-i refill sewing kit a bit; like before, to repair stuff.
-i trow stuff at robot, because i don’t want to be caught in explosion. (trowing skill while having krav manga buff + punch dagger at hand)

I can’t think for something else. hope it help. Could send save if needed & have a way to do this.

My guess is that this was a typo in one of the buffs for Krav maga. I know there were some recent fixes in that area, so this might have already been fixed, but elsewise we’ll take a look into it.

Thanks for reporting!

I also encountered that buff while using Taekwondo in version 0.8-1618-gb3d7733.

I get this with karate with version 0.8-1517-g222b5cc. Not sure what causes, possiblely using a weapon while having karate selected as a style.

I’m pretty sure this happens when you save/load a game while martial arts buffs are still active, since martial arts buffs are diseases but are not uniquely identified by the disease id (which is “ma_buff”). I’ll see if I can push a fix.

This also happens with Capoeira, my experimental character now has five copies of Invalid martial arts buff, easy enough to ignore and hopefully easy to fix.
And yea it will stack up higher and higher every time you save/load with a martial arts buff on you.