Kill bandits mission

Accepted the mission, the game locked up for about 5 seconds then came up with an error with something like ‘couldn’t find bandit_camp’. Continued the game and I have the mission, but it has no location.

Part 2: After tabbing back into the game, I realize that the bandits have spawned in the room I accepted the mission from. So they technically exist, but it’s not ideal.

Had that occur with both the bandit cabin and bandit camp missions on my last save.

Evidently it’s a long-running problem that shows up at random in some cases. Nevermind the fact that I later found the fucking bandit cabin very close to my spawn location, so the game should’ve known the place existed.

Basically we have some definitions for what map specials need to exist, and some rules that define where those map specials can occur, and depending on how the overmap is generated those can end up conflicting, resulting in the game taking a long time trying to find a match, then eventually giving up.

New overmaps should be generated with camps.
Or at least complain they can’t and tell you to your face that you won’t have camps and the map will be invalid.

Old saves will still have the bug, though.

This gets weird when you spawned within 10 map tiles of the special it failed to find though. >.o