Cemetary_religious mapgen crash

Hey, so I get this crash saying
"Couldn’t generate overmap with current settings.
The following special could not be placed: cemetary_religious"

I get this message on new character entering in (it allows me to ignore it) and whenever I read anything that updates the map such as shelter pc and road maps (have to force close here).
As far as I can tell it isn’t related to any mods I have on the world (tested with only core mods) and I’m not sure how to fix it or how to id the problem.

0.C g6aab553be0

known, annoying, and hopefully fixed soon, issue.

It’s a new debug message that highlighted an older problem of certain specials not spawning from lack of available terrain.

So I am starting to see these more and more here of late, and I’m wondering what is the best way to go about them. I have been doing the generate 2 maps options over and over and over, tell it either works or I get tired of hitting it and then I try the generate unlimited maps. While that tends to work, there are times where that even goes…not today son…and I just exit out and then start from scratch. The worst is when you then get into a game, and have the issue pop from getting a quest from an NPC. So I am wondering what the best thing to do is when this issue occurs, and if there is some basic things that we end users, that aren’t really good at the coding thing can do.

PS: Don’t take this as a complainer post, as someone that can’t code for the life of him, this one is very appreciative of those that make this awesome game, and if the answer is do X to get past it, with some limited functionality for a little while, I’m more than happy to do so!

It’s not a crash, just a description of problem.
If you don’t mind having maps without those, go to options->debug. There is an option to disable those warnings.

They may sometimes appear more than once if you generate many overmaps at once (can happen if NPC does something that requires scanning a lot of terrain), but they will go away if you say “generate invalid overmap” enough times.

Seems like an underlying problem is being handled in the most disruptive manner possible short of the error you get when it can’t find the starting location. Though I’ll admit it likely is a pain in the ass to actually find the cause if instances of it aren’t being reported, so far this seems like all it gives debug testers is which overmaps are most prone to it.

That sadly only tells you what’s affected by the issue, whereas I doubt it’s actually helpful for solving the underlying cause. Mapgen needs to be fixed in some way that it can handle fat overmap specials without freaking out, locking up, or breaking the map. Especially since some overmaps HAVE to be mandatory either due to starting locations (malls) or quests (necropoili).

Currently the idea is to disable the mandatory specials that cause problems and then hope the number of re-gens will be enough.

Which is a bit of a band-aid solution, and if it gets to the point where the necropolis, refugee center, mall, etc becomes the weakest link, then that might end up forcing the issue.

Granted, as much hassle as it would be to fix, chances are unfucking it before 0.D won’t be feasible, so I’m just gonna have to hope that culling the non-essential large mapgens is enough.

Actually fixing it would require rewritting the way overmap specials are placed into a rather complex system. So for now it’s bandaid or back to overmaps with missing parts.

Hmm, makes sense. Doubly hoping it helps then, because if it’s at the point where only a rewrite will fix it completely, that’d be about as fun to code as rewriting the source into a saner language. XP