Question about Build #6626 and World Map creation

I noticed the patch notes for Build #6626 (Jul 27 2017) mentioned a bunch of stuff about how the map is generated in regard to specials.

Does this fix the “too many overmap specials (## > ##)” error and the “could not place buildings A,B & C” error that asks if you want to retry creating a world or play with the invalid map configuration?

(I always end up getting an error with it trying to spawn the Pump Station and at least 3 others.)

Link to the Patch log for that build:

Patch Notes:

1. Reverse overmap retry menu. (commit: a49bdf8) 2. Little cleanup in overmapbuffer. (commit: 24e484d) 3. Inject list of specials into overmap instead of retrieving it from (commit: fa831c7) 4. Add (failing) test case for validating overmaps create with all required (commit: f266c3d) 5. Kill some tabs. (commit: d96b8ac) 6. Recursively initialize additional overmaps to insure mandatory specials (commit: cefe6ea) 7. Extend search radius for overmap features by default. (commit: 6b245f3) 8. Make starting location generation more robust by generating overmaps as (commit: eccf1a4) 9. Limit special placement recursion by tracking origin coordinates. (commit: 0ec5b95) 10. Move overmap special enumeration from overmap class to overmap_specials (commit: 267f264)

Additionally, does “Recursively initialize additional overmaps to insure mandatory specials are generated” mean that even if the error is thrown the next map to be generated will have the missing buildings on it? (Or am I mistaken?)

So even if there is a missing buildings / areas error I just need to explore farther out and they will be encountered?

Yes, it works as you expect. Now if it fails to make all the required specials on one overmap, it makes additional overmaps to place the remainder. It will generate overmaps in a 3x3 square before giving up, typically it only takes 2-3 overmaps to place all the mandatory specials, so it’s quite reliable in practice.

Also yes, specials can be generated quite far away from you now, but if you encounter a mission that wants to use one as a target it will search far enough to find one.

Oh nice! I has set mine to retry 20 times(the max in the options) since I was experimenting with different settings and location mods, but even then it would have trouble. Thanks for all the work!