Keybindigs not working

So i have played Cata for a long time and some time decided to get back in, but this time, i got the launcher like i normally do, and fired it up, but then i noticed my keybindings arent right at all, sometimes i press the “down arrow” in the settings menu and it does a random movement and then i click the same button and it gives me another movement and other wierd stuff like that, this is happening with me with almost all my keyboard keys where they do different thigns every time i press them making it impossible to navigate, now my keyboard is working perfectly otherwise so i guess its something in the game, if anyone has a solution i would be apreciated.


I’ve seen it where moves get queued and only take effect the keypress AFTER. Any chance this is a misdiagnosed one of those? Maybe several steps behind?

yep i tested that and thats what it is doing

My brother had that problem. I never figured out the solution, but I blame Microsoft. Win10 is garbage. No idea how relevent it is to the problem but I feel better for placing the blame there.

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well crap… how the hell am i gonna fix it

Sorry, hope someone who knows more about the issue can help you :frowning:

Are you playing in full-screen mode? There were weird input issues with that in the past.