Issue regarding changing the move inputs

The game comes with two base input sets for movement, which are 98764321 for standard numpad, and hjklyubn for… Weirder but functional set-up. Directional keys input as hjkl, generally.

Usually I’d use numpad, but on a spare laptop I have, it does not possess one. I’d rather not have to learn the second one, so I figured I’d recreate the numpad shape on my keyboard’s right side by reassigning a few things. Anyways, when I finished typical movement was fine, but whenever I had to use the keys to select a direction (Opening/Closing) or move the cursor (Firing and Look Around), I wouldn’t be able to use my new bindings–The games would still only accept Standard Numpad or “Weirder but Functional” preset inputs (Even when they’ve been cleared from the keybindings). Since there is no corresponding bindings exclusive to these functions, I cannot change them at all. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, played around with the .json files, and examined the function of every other binding, but couldn’t get it to function correctly.

Advice, thoughts, comments?

I don’t have much information since it happened a long time ago, but that hjkl set-up once messed up my movement controls one time. around .8 stable.
Even if I changed the hotkeys in the commands menu, it would change back to the hjkl set-up. I think this was the curses build.
(Never understood the difference)

Many direction-key inputs in the game sadly hardcode-assume a standard hjkl setup (this bites me in the ass a lot since I use dvorak). Messing around with get_input in input.cpp will fix some (smashing, looking around, etc). Most of the menus in the game will also need to be changed. Moving around the overmap screen is fixed by editing data/json/keybindings.json, iirc.
As an aside (but definitely not offered as the solution to your problem): I’d encourage you to learn hjkl placement; it’s incredibly convenient once you get used to it.