UP and LEFT keys sporadically not working

Hello, I’m having some trouble getting my UP and LEFT keys to reliably work in the game. Sometimes they just have no feedback when I press them, and sometimes they work as expected. It almost seems like sometimes they get “cached” and then execute quickly all at once. I dunno. My numpad keys do work however, and this would be fine, except some menus only navigate with the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT keys. It also doesn’t seem to produce any error messages.

If anyone has any Ideas I’m up for trying them. I have already tried getting a new copy of the game, new world, new char, cleaning my keys, making sure they work in other programs.

Win 10 Home x64
Intel i7-4510
8gb RAM


Just in case, are you sure it’s not your keyboard itself that’s malfunctioning?

I’m pretty sure, it doesn’t seem to happen anywhere except in Cata.

Do you possibly have a gamepad connected to your computer? When I plug in my xbox controller my mouse and several keys stop working for no obvious reason.

Its a touch screen laptop, so I suppose you could consider that an alternative input. But I never have trouble with it, my trackpad, or my wireless mouse with any other program.

Yeah, it’s probably not that, then. I specifically asked thinking it might be a USB related issue (because mine is). That wouldn’t be the case with a laptop, I’d think.

Most issues like this are resolved by running the game in borderless window mode instead of fullscreen. The fullscreen choice has various odd issues with menu’s and key-presses not working properly. Try switching to borderless window mode for the full screen choice in the options menu.

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