Keybindings randomly unmapping then remapping

0.A Kaufman (stable)
Windows 7 / 8

Posted to Reddit, was pointed here

I understand the keybindings not saving is a known bug, but the other problem I’m having may not be.

Randomly - so unfortunately I cannot recreate on demand - the game will seemingly unmap keys on startup. By that I mean - I normally play with the keypad for my controls. Every once in a while, after loading up a save, the 8462 keys will not work for movement, but 7913 will. Toggling NumLock does… exactly what it should - the 8462 keys become arrow keys, and the 7913 keys become home, page up, etc.

If I look in the keybindings at that time, the entries for the compass directions (North, South, East, West) do not display text. If I add a new entry in - 8 for North, it will say " or 8" where the blank is, presumably, whatever symbol it uses for the up arrow key.

When everything is working correctly, only 8 is listed and adding another key in (such as Ctrl+T) produces the same effect. " or 8"

If I turn the game off and back on, they keybindings are not saved so my adjustments are lost.

Opening keybindings.json in /data/raw shows the same information whether or not the problem is occurring. I only now noticed keymap.txt in /data/, so I am unsure if it changed.

The part that puzzles me the most is that it seems to operate in a time window. If I turn the game on, it’s acting funny and has lost it’s bindings, no amount of shutting it down helps, nor did the one time I tried a reboot on a whim. That said, a few hours later in the same session - no logoffs, much less a reboot - it suddenly works normally.

Is there something I can turn on to log what the game is doing to try and catch whatever behavior is causing this?