Kevin, have you change that "accurate gun" message?

“accurate gun” message has been overdoing, you know, It geting over and over appear on people’s message line, and never stop, and more ridiculous is, even you do have a accurate gun, it still get this message over and over, just because you wear some gloves, and mask or something

Kevin, come on! man! that make no sense! seriously, I just wearing something, how can that explain is my guns problem? I have lot subject is about this “accurate gun” message problem, have a sec check those, please?

“accurate gun” has no necessary exist!!!

What’s that message?

if gun is not enought accurate to train marksmanship it spams message to get a better gun it can happen even if you use most accurate weapon it can be anyoing in late game when you have high level of marksmanship

Yeah, no shit, last time I even have this message when I useing the laser rifle, you know how accurate it is, and it still have that peice shit “accurate gun” message spams over and over,

this message is the most failure system so far, you given this message when you shooting the shotgun, even on head shot

you given this message when you have a sub-machine gun shooting full-auto

you given this message just because you wear some gloves with the high encumbrance

and you given this message even when you useing the crossbow and bow, even it dosn’t even is the gun.

I don’t know why the kevin keeping this message on 0.B till 0.D pre version, we don’t need something to told us how to do, seriously, is nothing but a anyoing message to disturb the player’s mood over and over

mabye you don’t know but, in the chinese language, this message can be much worst, it was translate like “you need a better accurate gun, because you aim system sucks ass!” I mean it! man! what were they thinking? and why kevin keep ignore this message, and not to do something about it?

Partially because you’re being a jerk about it :slight_smile:

Easy for you to say, you a lucky that you can’t understand chinese, those translation on chinese, is all making like a amusement or something, it break the game’s atmosphere, I like to take seriously about this game, which make me and my group is also making a different version about the chinese translation, Kevin, just remove this message, okey? is no need to keeping those “accurate gun” message

Getting angry about it helps no-one, least of all you. Kevin and the other developers are volunteers, and owe you nothing. If you’re having a problem, ask nicely, and usually the devs will fix it pretty quickly unless there’s a good reason not to. It’s the most efficient way to get issues resolved.

I understand, Sorry about the mess, this message is almost drive me crazy, hope kevin can fix it soon, please.