Gun names

Would it be too much to ask for “pistol, shotgun, submachinegun, rifle” or whatever to be appended to firearm names? Ditto with “bullets, shells”, although that is easier.

I seriously don’t have the foggiest what a Krueger JQS .301 or a Mishima 4,21x8 could be, and gun names just look like arbitrary strings of characters to me, as you can very well guess by those two names I just came up with.

Swimming goggles are not named “Adedas silicon-rimmed 21s”, hotplates are not called “Busch portachef 501 deluxe”, and baseball bats do not go by names like “DeMoroni 35 ouncer” (Huh? Ounces? What the hell is that? ohmygod xenoglosia)

I know, I know, a lot of you probably like the weapon names as they currently are; there’s a chance some of you even like the things in real life; but I don’t want you to cut anything, I only want that telling what kind of firearm any given gun is doesn’t need actual gun knowledge on the part of the player. Because I don’t have it, and if the same naming scheme was extended to all in-game items it’d be plain silly. C’mon, even the nail gun, which can be used as a weak gun (as far as I’m told) is not called “Polips Pro-Nailer 300m”

Perhaps the names would change based on how skilled you are with guns? I.E you ID any gun at level 3 of firearms but you’ll just see “shotgun”, maybe “double-barreled” or “pump-action”.

Eh, I dont really like that idea. I think it should just say something like:

Remington/ Birdshot
(shotgun)/ (shells)


This should be again configurable option.

in options.ini


And I belong to the group that has to check the details and ammo types again and again and again when picking stuff up because I’m not armaments encylopedia… I’d prefer “9mm semiautomatic pistol (good)” instead model name. Especially same caliber rounds confuse me often…

Gun stores are always arranged like this.

That’s helpful, but not so useful when they’re all in your inventory in one huge orgasmic cluster of gunsturbation. :wink:

I couldn’t agree more with the OP. I think naming guns after RL equivalents goes against good design principles, and although I appreciate that a lot of FPS games follow the same tradition, it’s usually far more obvious what the player is dealing with in those games, on the basis that the guns are actually visible on screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Only difficulty I’d have is how to deal with multiple types of firearm using the same ammo: USP .45 v. M1911 (two .45 ACP semi-auto Handguns; I think one is more accurate than the other but don’t generally use firearms in-Cata, so I wouldn’t know.)

There are two options I can think of for that:

  1. Just have players look at their individual stats, and make it so that they don’t stack (like the different kinds of crisps).
  2. Add some sort of descriptor in brackets, perhaps the gun make, or something about the gun’s functionality.

So, for 2, we might have

m .44 Magnum Pistol (revolver)
Q .44 Magnum Pistol (semi-auto)

As for the two .45 handguns… I vote we just take one of them out. They’re barely distinguishable anyway, in gameplay terms. The same applies to most “duplicates” in terms of ammo/gun type/firing mechanism weapons.

Fair enough; this ain’t Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13. (Probably the best community-maintained turn-based gun-porn game I know of.) But even there, most guns of a given caliber, action, and type were all pretty similar in stat terms.

( , the opening post of the 1.13 Weapon Comparision, if you’re interested.)

I like how this game presents guns and ammo a lot. Like .223 works in 5.56 and all that. A ‘tags for noobs’ option would be ideal. More gun parts and customization!

On second thought, I agree with an option to turn the naming of guns to a more simple level.

And there is no need to decrease amount of guns, just manage them better. I like variety as much as I like crisp presentation. You can make easily 5 different 9mm variants, some easier to handle, some with more controlled recoil etc… Also this will go one step further when item quality gets a rework.

So guns dont need to be “simplified” just change the display so they become easier to manage.

Few things to make life much easier…

Would it be possible to for example - when you drop or pick up a gun/ammo then it would ask “Do you want to drop/pickup the compatible weapon/ammo also?” - because thats what you 90% of the time want to do - and it would pick the ammo from 9 squares around character. This would make life easier when you have your inevitable big pile of guns.

Also categorize the inventory weapons list by ammo/weapons grouped by their compability together to see instantly what weapons share same ammunition - and same thing when 'V’iewing the surroundings.

These few things would make gun management a lot easier.

I agree with the rest of your post, but I’m still not sure what such minor variations are actually adding to the game. I personally find it frustrating to have different types of handgun using the same ammo when both are essentially the same - the vast majority of a weapon’s power and recoil is dictated by the ammo type. Gun type seems to, at the absolute best, make about a 10% difference on that. Hardly game changing.

I would like to see an option to turn them on or off, I like the fact that the game has real guns within it, and you can always look them up on Google images to see what they look like.

I would much prefer the old system, I don’t really like the thought of simplifying a rougelike.

Honestly all the game needs is an option to select a gun or bullet in your inventory, press a button, and have it highlight any appropriately related ammo/gun in your inventory.

For picking up guns/ammo it already tells you what you can use and what you can’t, based on what you’re already carrying. It just gets messy in your inventory, so a feature that lets you get the same information contained inside your inventory would be nice.

Guys, probably mostly nobody wants to lose anything, so what about that option someone mentioned? There area already things like “celsius or fahrenheit grades” and “12 hour time, 24 hour military time, 24 hour normal time”, why not “realistic names / simplified names” and make the other info show up on the text blurb?

Or really, just append “(pistol/revolver/assault rifle/whatever)” as a prefix after the weapon name, that’d make life easier for some players (like me)


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