Kevin, can we make PC can put out fire like Caves of Qud?

There is one game called “Caves of Qud” just appear on few days ago,

and it’s reference guide said, “If you should find yourself in the unfortunate state of being on-fire, you can lower your temperature by either passing turns to beat out the flames (5 on num-pad), walking through water tiles, or pouring water on yourself (select the “pour” option from a water container in your inventory)”

considering the fire on the verison danger level, I suggest we make this system, sir.

This is a forum not a chat, please stop putting my name in topics.

You can already put out fires by jumping in water.

I think he’s talking more about the “press 5 to pass turns and beat out the flames” part.

the fire is almost out control on the new version, car explosion, enegry firing, NPC arsonist, tank drone flamethrow…

I fear that PC will be geting toast much more time than jumping on water, I just want to make a better way to put out fire, for now, on 0.C, those “fireproof” stuff just dosn’t really work, I was put the full firefighter clothes on my PC, and it still geting barbecue like banana hot dog, even the power armor can be burn too

for now, to deal those fire stuff, I make a few suggests, such like fire-fighting drone, better fire extinguisher effect like fire-extinguishing gas, better firehose on fire truck, etc, I think someone gonna do something about the flames… otherwise it may turn the whole town or even half map that you explore into a ashs and ruins.

Could be worse. At least they aren’t suggesting the Postal 2 method of fire suppression.