I Set My Friends On Fire

They’re a decent band, but the real point of this thread is that I set one of my friends on fire, and I need to know how to put her out, because she’ll just run around until both her legs are broken from fire damage rather than try to put out the fire. I’ve tried pouring my canteen out on her, but it generally doesn’t do anything and she always runs away from the puddle, anyway.

Is there any method to manually put out the flames on her, or is this just a dead NPC walking at this point?

Can you force them to stop moving? Or do they just continuously run around without stopping, as the character automatically starts trying to put the fire out if they have stopped moving (not sure if that works on NPC’s, but I think It’s worth a shot considering the alternative)

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I can tell her to guard, but it doesn’t seem to get her into “maybe I should try and stop burning to death” mode. She just stands there and still burns. I can take care of the broken legs after the fact, even though it’s kinda ridiculous for both legs to go from healthy to absolutely-fucking-shattered after a few rounds of burning, but I can’t do that unless I can figure out how to make the fire go away. I might try leading her over to a pond or something, and just hope she doesn’t die before managing to crawl over to it.

you need to spill water on her or force her into shallow water

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Yeah, I think having her guard is the best chance, as the UI will tell you to “Stand still and you will automatically start trying to put out the flames”. Or you could speed her up by swapping positions with her too. (not sure if this will work though.)

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Tried that, didn’t do anything. Right after that last post, I started leading her to the pond I mentioned and that was when she decided to put the fires out. I guess she was just more concerned with fighting the zombies that weren’t reaching her than putting the fire out, before.

Too late for her poor legs, unfortunately. Gonna be a while healing that up, and she was a good bruiser, too.

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anyway you may savescum to save your waifu

set npc combat to attack only close or when in danger, though burning may count as danger

also if you got nomex suit equip on her one

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