A better fire extinguisher?

I been consider about the flames, I think our fire extinguisher still isn’t against flame effective, the flame can spread more than that 1 tiles, and our fire extinguisher is only can put out 1 tiles? make our fire extinguisher is almost useless against flame field on the outside

and that fire truck is some kind a joke, do we really call that fire hose? because to me it just shoot a water ball, and not really effective again flames

I suggestion if we can make those fire extinguisher can release some kind of fire-extinguishing gas, and make that fire truck can spray a lot water on the tiles

please, anyone! we really need something to against the flames! especially when some NPC try to commit arson all over the place, save the life! save youself!! save your homeland!!!

flame was overpower, even the power armor can get burn on the 0.C! somebody must have plan to prevent this situation happen on 0.D even again!!!