Stop, Drop and Roll! (whilst on fire)

It occurred to me to have crouching now, implies the old stop drop and roll tactic while ablaze(minus on a lava tile or engulfed).

So if on fire and not in lava/engulfed in flame(as in burning building). You could crouch and move from the tile you are on to 1 tile over(any direction) and back to that previous tile. Repeating this until you are no longer on fire, would simulate the Stop, Drop and Roll technique. No skill required. However maybe a slight faster dousing of the flame if you have traits that make you physically faster(or high Dex).

Not sure if jumping in a river/pond/lake helps. Have never been on fire where I would survive it.


You can currently do this just by pressing . until you get the fire put out.

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As Mantar said. Pressing . Or 5 will achieve this. Though I recommend moving away if the tile you’re on is on fire since rolling around in an inferno won’t help matters.

Maybe adding the same effect to when you are crouching, so you could move away while putting the fire out, but again, chance are if you are surrounded by fire terrain, you brought it to yourself u.u

I’m not sure that slowly crawling out of a burning house (well, I just assume it’s a house fire) is a good idea…
I think the mechanic of “running out of the danger zone and then just press [wait] to put the fire out” is sufficient.

And then I remembered this comic (Artist: RoboSpunk)…:


True. We can chill and wait. I get that. But I meant. To have a function in which seems logical to what we now have as a crouch provides. Thanks for the info all the same. =D