Just a questiong

So how i ride cars properly i cannot go forward can someone help me …

You use: up and down arrow to increase and decrease speed, left and right to change direction and 5 on numpad to pass time and move.

But what if im on a android eh

Nah, first thing you should know is you use “^” to actually start controlling the car. Also, you need a seat and controls on the same car tile, otherwise it won’t start. Checklist looks like so:
-wheels: enough
-fuel: at least some
-engine: present, not destroyed(“XX” in vehicle view); preferably not “faulty”
-controls: present and not destroyed
-seat at the place of controls: present and not destroyed
If all those condition are met, you may try starting it… if it doesn’t have (un-destroyed) security system. Otherwise you’d also need a screwdriver to override it, with a chance to trigger it, which will make loud noises luring nearby zeds to its location.

e:sorry, no idea about c3po version.

Hmhm yeah i got these things i just need to know how to go properly forward i need to constantly steer to go anywhere in a car

hmm… maybe you have cruise control disabled? while already riding the vehicle, press ^ again(or w/e is the equivalent on android) and check if it is enabled. If it is, you shouldn’t have trouble.
Oh, and also: vehicle movement reticle shows movement vector relative to your character, not vehicle’s center or some such thing.

Ah okay
Let me check

Swipe up (or swipe up and hold) to accelerate and swipe down (or swipe down and hold) to deccelerate. Left and right… for of course turning. Tap (or tap and hold) to just wait and let the car move.

But yeah do the stuff above. I’m not sure if this covers everything for cars.