Jury Rigged Robots Mod Removes Control Laptop Recipe/Eyebots Do Not Recognize Lawful Authority

So I’ve been looking for a book with the recipe for the control laptop for ages, long enough that I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to find every skill book besides the martial arts ones. Unknowingly, I’ve had it for a very long time, but it turns out the mod removes the recipe from the book “Hacking Robots for Fun & Profit”. This is unfortunate, especially since I just had to kill a perfectly good tank drone I could have otherwise hacked.

I’ve also noticed that even though I am a lawfully appointed badge wearing US Marshal, eyebots are still automatically hostile, and don’t scan me and bugger off like they are supposed to. They do not respect my authoritah!

Edit: Per Malkeus, the control laptop recipe is disabled via blacklist by the mod, but can be reactivated. “Delete jrr_items_blacklist.json to get the laptop back.”

I’m using the same mod and, at high Electronics skill with lab journal - Herrera, you can use the components recieved from disassembling the busted ones to build new ones. Or, in the case of eyebots/manhacks, just use the corpses directly. I just built me a little beebot from a busted utility bot I got from a basement. I don’t think it will do anything until I put him next to a beehive, though. Or there’s this little gem:

Which turns into this little buddy.

Check the mod out. I was wondering why I hadn’t found that book, though. Didn’t know I wouldn’t be getting the control laptop because of the mod.

AH!! No wonder I can’t find that recipe! Anyone know how to add that recipe back in AND keep the mod?


Yeah I got electronics skill 11, I can make all of the salvaged robots. Some of them look pretty useful, I’ve only made the burning eye and the mutagen one. Haven’t figured out how the mutagen one works yet though.

I don’t bother with making manhacks because I have the directional EMP, and can just get more when they occasionally deactivate instead of being fried outright (This has also has saved my ass against grenade hacks and a couple C-4 hacks).

Also, the damn things have a chance of turning against you when you activate them, based on your computer skill. Be careful. Turrets too. I’m not sure about the salvaged robots though.

Even with all the nice salvaged bots, it would still be nice to still be able to hack an actual tank bot as your minion, not the salvaged ones with melee weapons.

Shit, anything computer controlled with a flamethrower is just a good way to start a forest fire, accidentally burn down a city, or get yourself killed.

So the reason eyebots leave when I approach them now is because of my marshal badge?

I…honestly had no idea.

I’m not sure you would want that. That cannon is liable to do you more harm than good. The thing can detonate multiple vehicles in one shot and would tear down walls to follow you. If you parked it next to a vehicle to protect it, that vehicle would likely be shrapnel by the time you got back.

Like…my car is fully armored with military composite plating and heavy-duty everything and weighs in at over six tons, and a tank drone was still able to blow it in half with one shot that wasn’t even aimed at me.

You don’t even want that thing on YOUR side.

What tileset are you using, and how can I use it too!?

I suppose I’ll see what happens. I’ve currently got that one, a shortcircuit samurai and a flashbang hack loaded up in the robot carriers. I think I’ll drive up to a horde and let 'em loose; see what kind of fun shenaniganery abounds.

This, please. I’ve been trying to figure this out myself but my Google-fu hasn’t found anything with clear instructions.

I thought it only used the tank gun on certain enemies? Besides, I’d leave it turned off most of the time, like you can do with manhacks. Just something to keep in the armory. Half the reason to even HAVE a robot army is just to be able to SAY that you have a robot army.

Yes. But just having a badge won’t work. In fact as I understand it, it would make things INFINITELY worse for you to wear a badge but not be a law enforcment officer (impersonating a federal official is a felony, say hello to shit loads of police bots). You must have both the correct badge and the matching trait for it to work.

However this mod seems to affect that, as eyebots are still automatically hostile to me, despite my status as a Marshall and my shiny badge. Even tried wearing it on the outermost layer just in case that made a difference. It did not.

It looks like this one. Its the one I use as well, and its regularly updated. https://github.com/SomeDeadGuy/Cata-MSX-DeadPeopleTileset
Just stick the folder containing the files in your tileset folder. Its under “Graphics” or something like that IIRC. It should show up in the menu where you select tilesets then.


Thank you based survivor.

Oh dear, it links to other mods. And those link to other other mods. I’m going down the rabbit hole. It’s Skyrim all over again.

What have I done


it disables the item via blacklist. Delete jrr_items_blacklist.json to get the laptop back.

edit: Thanks for pointing this out, I hadn’t realized I didn’t have them yet. Can’t have salvaged bots and no laptop…


Shit, its not a bug? Its deliberate? WHY? Its not like players wouldn’t use the salvaged ones, or it would make it too easy to acquire robot parts. By the time you find the jury rigged robots book, its pretty likely you are armed to the teeth.

Know anything about why the eyebots don’t respect my authoritah?

Not a clue. That’s probably something deep in the c++ code. Or it could be faction related somehow…possibilities.

This makes me very unhappy. Until now I was thinking I just hadn’t found the book for the recipe yet. I’ve had the Jury Rigged Robots book FOREVER. In that time I have killed an entire army worth of military robots, security robots, and manhacks, not to mention a tankbot and an entire national guard base worth of those murderous Wraitheon robots (oh god those things are fucking awful to deal with I had to cower inside my tank or use the artificial night generator to stand a chance on foot, even in RM-13 armor.

When I discovered I did have the book, I thought it was a bug causing the laptop recipe to be missing, not deliberate omission.

They could have all been mine dammit.


Thank you! With your help, I finally got it working. Much appreciated!

Glad to help. Just found that tileset and how to install them a couple weeks ago myself.

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Do you know if there is a way to activate robots in the robot carrier from the driver seat, or can you only do so by interacting with the robot carrier manually? I have a SHITLOAD of inactive manhacks, I’d love to install a murderbot dispenser on my tank. Driving through a crowd of zombies while deploying robots sounds awesome.

I also noticed that on the robot carrier vehicle the carrier tiles are behind hatches. Do you know if the hatches open up, or if the bots can open them?

Thanks for discovering this one.

I’ll have to go edit it too. I’ve been playing with jury rigged robots since I started so I’ve always been confused about why I can never seem to find control laptop plans. I do like the mod otherwise, it makes plutonium power feasible which is fun for my basement homes.

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Yep thats one of the reasons I like it too. The power density opens up a lot of possibilities.
I converted my tank from diesel to a nuclear/solar hybrid when I discovered how much more available plutonium cells are. 4 enhanced electric motors are just too much drain for solar alone.

I’m currently experimenting with laser cannon base defense turrets made out of 1x2 “vehicles”, powered by a minireactor and a storage battery. Got one guarding the entrance hallway in my bunker.