Jury Rigged Robots Mod Removes Control Laptop Recipe/Eyebots Do Not Recognize Lawful Authority


I couldn’t find that ‘jrr_items_blacklist.json’ file in …CDDA\data\mods but I found ‘blacklist.json’ in ‘…\CDDA\data\mods\Modular_Turrets’ folder which has the following contents:
“items”: [ “control_laptop”, “cerberus_laser”, “bot_turret”, “bot_rifleturret”, “bot_antimateriel”, “bot_laserturret” ]

I deleted this file instead. Will that suffice? I can’t test it atm because I am very far away from my base where all my books are.

Edit: Something seemed off. Turns out I didn’t even install jrr mod but I just now installed it via launcher and found that file. Looking at its contents it looks similar to the ‘blacklist.json’ in ‘Modular_Turrets’ folder which I did install (and am using in my current game). So it looks like BOTH mods are disabling that control laptop recipe. Can someone confirm this?


O.o I will look into this, I had no idea there were more blacklisted items. I’m sure the mod author had balance issues in mind…but screw that, I want all the toys.

Edit: deleting both files should be enough, assuming that’s the last of the blacklists. I’ll check it out in a couple nhours


I deleted the blacklist file by itself and it works.

Unfortunately, I discovered you cannot deactivate hacked robots (other than manhacks). I hacked a few eyebots and some security robots in a lab, but all you can do is make them go passive or hostile. There is no “off” button.

THEY NEED AN OFF BUTTON. I want to be able to store the damn things when I’m not using them, rather than have them follow me around and get lost. You can with the jury rigged robots, why not the normal ones?

I’d like to have a big warehouse in my bunker, filled with rows upon rows of deactivated robots. Waiting for the day when they are needed.


I keep forgetting about that bit, not too hard to add though, just one item per robot with a single entry to the monster. I might have to make a mod for it.


Not a clue; I just got started making all my fundroids. Next step is to get me a zombie necro head to stick on a busted cyborg since the last one I got rotted while I was waiting for my broken arm to heal. I’d guess not, though; I just used shutter doors so I can open them all at once from the center and release my bots in as few moves as possible. I’ll keep peeps updated on how things turn out when I go for it, though.


I really hope/wish there is a way to make it work like that. I want this so badly:


Test run is a go.


Fly, you brave bird. Fly like the wind.

That brave flashbang’s sacrifice removed one of the gassy bastards, but now is time for the main event. Charge, my battlebots!

The Paladin’s flamethrower made short work of the other, leaving me precious little time to remove myself from the blast radius when he went pop.

As the Paladin advanced toward its remaining target, back to the northeast the Samurai was tangling with a tough zombie who had emerged from the woods. As Slapdash the Paladin made short work of his emaciated, shrieking child of a foe, he began advancing in the direction of what I assumed to be the dead child’s mother, as it was shrieking even more horribly, while Shortcircuit the Samurai sliced and diced the meathead in a trice, without a scratch on him.

Proving to be no match to the wrath of my Paladin’s holy fire, the screeching one burnt to a crisp as the last of the unfortunate family caught wind of either the burning flesh or the soul-searing screams and truned their heads our way.

While Slapdash played the reliant, clanking vanguard, I took the opportunity to gather up the remains of that ever-brave bird, knowing that I could bring him back at the end of the day. Without even the courtesy to allow Short some of the action, he quickly purged the father with righteous flame, leaving me to the task of smashing whatever hadn’t burned and securing the rest of the rest area.


As I drew near to the entrance of the building, I took notice of another gaspod beyond the glass. With Slappy on my tail, this was the moment to find out whether or not his rudimentary IFF would leave me staring at the prospect of trying to loot a burning building for trifles. I like trifles.

Seeing no response from either the zombie nor the bot, I pulled away and immediately remembered that Shortcircuit had been named so for a reason, as his sparking blades arced to me. A mild burn, but a warning and a reminder to keep a wide berth.

Circling around to the south side of the place, my loyal but not-too-bright Paladin drew a bead on the threat before him and lit up the window. When that falied to achieve the desired effect, his algorithms suggested he eliminate the threat with his integral pistol. As the walls began to catch, I knew I had minutes to get in, find anything valuable, and get out.

With the path to my north blocked by toxic mist and spreading flame, I decided to circle further and create my own entrance. I hefted my trusty, hand-forged Hooligan, triggered my hydraulics, and went to work. Smashing through the concrete as if it were clay beneath the hand of a particularly-clumsy sculptor, I looked to the magazine rack and discovered that, beyond the succesful combat test, this little trip had served a useful purpose after all. Powering down the hydros, I snatched it up along with a trashy romance novel that might prove equally… entertaining, if not more so.

As the building burned behind me, I took the time to resecure the robotic warriors for travel, pick some plums from a nearby tree for lunch and roll off into the distance, secure in the successful completion of my babies’ first trial. Not a bad hour in the Cataclysm.


I’d just like to add that I’m not using the mod in question, and the eyebots still don’t care about my badge. They’re aggressive too, with both physical attacks and blinding flashes, and the other police bots don’t ever appear. Doesn’t matter who sprang the alarm, either.

They’re also really weak and easy to hit. Like, you can destroy them with a single level 0 punch. This is definitely not how I’m used to seeing them. I don’t even know what the point of having them is at this point. They’re basically just a great big stationary fly to swat.


Do you have lawful authority? You must have the correct trait as well, not just a badge. I forget the actual name of the trait, but it can be obtained by starting as a law enforcement class, or being appointed a US marshal by the Old Guard. Having only a badge will make them aggressive, because you are impersonating a federal officer.


Yes, I do. US Marshal, Marshal badge. I’ve never seen another Marshal badge.

And they’re also attacking my other character, who wears literally nothing but the skin on her back. Because dodge.