Help with spawning items

I am creating a mod to add in more firearm-related content into the game.
I just added STANAG magazine with different capacity and changed all the .223 STANAG guns to accept them.
Instead of a gun spawn with a default 30rd magazine as default, now the game stick with the closest one it can fit the ammo inside the gun.


Is there any way to specify which magazine can be used for spawning?

Thank you

Hmm. I haven’t worked with that sort of thing in a long time, so this could all be completely wrong!

But my guess would be that when the itemgroup is spawning the item, it’s spawning it using “charges-min” and “charges-max”, so depending on the amount of ammunition it’s then assigning a magazine based on that.

How to fix it? You’d probably have to change the itemgroups to only use a range of ammunition that would fit in the magazine you want to spawn, and set up others for the different clips.

Alternatively, I know you can use “contents-item” to specify storage for clips in things like a chest rig, so you may be able to use that to specify a clip into a gun, but I couldn’t find examples of this so it might not be possible.

If it were me, I’d just make one of the magazines standard and spawn with them all by specifying a range of ammo that fits that clip, then have the other magazines only appear in the world and not in the gun.

I don’t know if any of this was helpful or would work, but I’m bored and thought I’d weigh in.

Thanks for the suggestion, I did some test with your idea and sadly, none of them work or provide the result I would like.

Changing the range of ammunition can only work within 21~30 rounds, any more or less will result in a different magazine spawned instead.

Contents item would just spawn the magazine…

And then I found “container-item”
{ “item”: “stanag30”, “prob”: 25, “charges-min”: 0, “charges-max”: 30, “container-item”: “m4a1”} works perfectly

problem solved, just need to edit all the item group now.
500 lines, oh god…

Neat. I was just taking stabs in the dark. Glad you found one that worked.

Still thanks for the time you used to stab :slight_smile: