Ssh server?

Is there an ssh server available for this current version of cataclysm?
If not, would it be possible for me to host one?
I am thinking about setting up a server to play cataclysm on via ssh, but I am not sure if I want to do it on my main pc or my raspberry pi (which runs cataclysm quite well surprisingly)
Would anyone be willing to set up a server? My hosting abilities are quite limited by my internet connection, and I do not have the time or the resources to be maintaining a server.

With the rapid development of DDA, I’d be quite surprised if someone was hosting, though even if someone else is, I’d be surprised if anyone was actually opposed to there being another server out there.

I was hoping there would be a server out there, but as you said, with development going as it is at the moment I doubt there would be any updated ones.
I am just going to cross my fingers and hope someone with the knowledge and the resources will be kind enough to host a server.

I’m sure Gryph has the ability and skills to do so, though the equipment or time is an unknown to me.
If you’ve got documentation on how you set up your RaspberryPi into a Cataclysm SSH server, I’m sure it would help.

Given another month or so, I could probably commit to a solid 6 months of hosting an SSH, albeit over a residential connection most likely.
I don’t have the equipment for the actual server as of yet, but I’d considered looking into a Pi board for some time now.

I currently have no documentation or experience with the raspberry pi, or even linux as a matter of fact.
What would be the requirements for hosting a cataclysm server anyway? Good Internet and storage? The raspberry pi has terrible memory and cpu. Would it be better to run a server on an old hunk of crap pc running linux than the raspberry pi?

If anyone could host a server in the not too distant future, I would be incredibly happy, as would quite a few others I would imagine.

Cataclysm isn’t a particularly heavy game, so running it on a smart phone or tablet isn’t outside the realm of possibilities; however:

With the porting work and whatnot required to get it to that point, it’s probably a lot easier to host it on some old clunker.

Most any machine made in the last 10 years should be able to run the game without issue, even while maintaining an SSH server.

By that approach, you are essentially enabling access to the game from any device you have, and, if set up correctly, from anywhere.

I am currently setting up cataclysm ssh server on my windows machine, however i have run across a few problems.
I am using freeSSHD to host the ssh server I have port 22 forwarded in my router, and I can connect with putty.
However, after putting in the username specified in the server settings, and entering the password afterwards, it did not accept my password, I have tried all the authentication settings on the accounts but no matter what I put in it does not like the password.
For example, in the settings I would set:
Authorization:Password stored as SHA1 hash.
Upon connecting to the server via ssh through putty and entering the details above, it states that my password is invalid.
That is the first major issue.

The second problem is getting cataclysm to run within cmd.exe, There is settings to run an alternative shell within freeSSHd(Command Shell path), but I do not know of any and I do not have any others installed.
So to test if it would open within cmd.exe, I navigated to my cataclysm folder via cd commands, and ran cataclysm, It promptly popped up on the screen as a new window.
I am not sure how that would really work if someone was to connect via ssh, Do I just set the “Command Shell” path to cataclysm.exe?
If someone could violently shove me in the right direction I would be very grateful.