Items need. keys


ok so we have locked doors and yet no keys. this make some starts very anoying. like prison escape. i killed all the zombies but not a single area is lit enough from me to craft a lockpick and get out and i have no weapons strong enough to break the jail doors


Most of the doors can be opened with a makeshift crowbar. Break a locker, get a pipe and a chunk of steel. Activate a flashlight or other light source long enough to craft a makeshift crowbar. Use it to open most of the doors in the place. Profit.

I don’t think it works on the barred doors, but I also don’t think that you need to open them to escape.


the bar door would not open but i could not find a single light source i ended up being able to get a ton of picks and got out but i think added keys would still work for lore kill the undead police and get a key to the doors to start escaping


I dunno, I’d like to avoid the overdone trope of “hunt around for the keys to this one locked door” myself. The prison is one of the few places it would actually make sense to find keys; mostly I assume keys to locked doors are long, long gone with the bodies of the people who knew what they were for. Or, more accurately, the game world is probably full of keys and there’s no hope in hell that we’ll ever figure out what they were for.


This is the real problem, too many keys instead of not enough. There are ways to spawn keys that will work right, i.e. each key works in the appropriate door, but the mapgen code to spawn them would be a huge pain.


hmmm ok yeah i can see what you mean. i would say only keys for prisons labs and other high secirity places will spawn and only in that area. on a zombie locked in side or something to that affect


will there be any way added to lock doors you own? such as adding a bolt to unlatch it from the inside? or simple keys made from wood and nails? I would really like to avoid other survivors looting all of my things without barricading doors using fridges and bookshelves, but I can’t mod for crap, and I’m not even certain I can change the behaviors without needing to make a pull request and make my own version.


that would work. and add something to other survivors they may lock doors in their bases that you can pick. and the same for you and there are lock qualities a deadpolt is a low quality one since i have seen trick to open one or just raw strength can work and a nail and wood key lock is makeshift quality.