Item Vehicle Despawn (Artifact Error?)

Debug message:
game.cpp[2599]: save/Cake/artifacts.gsav: EOF: tried to start array, but found ‘ÿ’, not ‘[’

I was in the outskirts, with my motor bike looting a crash site with military equipment and wanted to save. Then it crashed and I got this error message. Upon loading the game, the crash site was gone as well as my motorbike. The trunk was FULL with weapons and ammo :confused: very frustrating. The error message also said something about artifacts but I accidently hit Enter. Also some of the map re-undiscovered again.

Another bug:
When setting Cruise Control to 16km/h, I couldn’t wait (.) or turn left or right but when I accelerated to about 30/40 km/h I could maneuver again. Maybe it was because it was so heavy loaded but it had a safe speed of 200 km/h so I can’t quite imagine that.

What version was the save bug on? I think I recall an artifact save bug that was like that, and it was fixed since then.

I think I’ve seen some oddities with vehicle acceleration, have to look into that.

I’ve had issues with loading a Bicycle heavily and it then barely getting to 9 MPH (character had 11 ST, usually could do 11-13), but that was back in June or so.