Artifacts not loading from prior saves?

Is anyone else having trouble with artifact loading from older saves? Rob Keys has a good twenty or so artifacts sitting in his RV, but he’s stuck on build 9591 (from Sep 5th) because loading the save in any more recent versions spits out a bunch of errors and replaces all his artifacts with unknown_artifact_* items. There was a bug report of this, but it was closed as apparently the guy who filed it got the game to load successfully with some later version. I’m having no such luck.

I’m not sure if it’s just this crufty old save or what, (it is like two+ years old now and has been moved through countless versions) but if nobody else has experienced this then I guess my next step is to see if I can duplicate it in a save that isn’t over a gigabyte in size and filing an issue.

Nevermind, I had some free time for debugging and I know now it’s not a corrupted save, it’s a bug.

It’s a little odd that nobody else has had it affect them, since it affects all armor-type artifacts from Sep 5 on back when loaded in current experimentals and it will then fail to load any following artifacts in artifacts.gsav regardless of type, but no biggie, I’ve got a patch ready to go.