Lighting issues when in a place with a roof

This seems to be an issue no one’s reported so far (that or something that no one’s noticed due to the inconsistency that the lighting system seems to have had over the past few months.)

I’ve had this myself a few times but I was never able to record it happening to me, other than a few screenshots I had from zombies in a lab that for some reason could see me in “very dark”.

This happened to Vormithrax during his last livestream and I think it’s the perfect example to show you guys and see if anything can be deduced from this.

Notice that Vorm is in a “bright” tile, and that the monster that’s within his sight range has a 50 Day-time Vision yet he can’t spot Vorm. He actually just happily moves away (arguably faster than he should be able to as well?).
A few minutes later, the same creature is then able to spot Vorm while he is in a bright tile. The difference being: The first interaction, the place where Vorm was had a roof, whereas the second one doesn’t.

This isn’t the first time this happens, as can be seen here:

An M240 Turret (50 Daylight Vision range) could not see Vorm at 44 range while he was inside the building in a Bright Tile. But later in the same video, he will get shot at by the same calibre turret at the same range (and even any range under 50). This to me seems to be an issue related to the existence of roofs, but this is just me guessing, as these seem to be the only common factors in these two examples.

There is also a similar issue in nature in labs, but different in the sense that you can be sitting in a “very dark” tile, but for some reason if there is any form of lighting in the room that in no way intersects with your current location, any hostiles in that room will be able to see you. This is a more commonly known issue that’s been happening for a long time now which I assume has been very difficult to figure out or address in a way that doesn’t feel like a patchwork solution that may break something else.

Has anyone else experience this or have a theory as to what the issue may be?

EDIT: M240, not M249, although the range is exactly the same regardless.

The lighting system is much more gradual than what’s shown in game - very bright/bright/cloudy/dark/very dark are just cutoff points for different chunks of that scale, but the light level is tracked on a 0-10000 (IIRC) range, with creature’s vision depending on the exact light level at the target tile. You experience the same when moving from a very dark cellar up to the (still very dark) surface and gaining a few tiles’ vision.

TLDR, monster sight cares about the actual light level, not the tile being “very dark”.

For the very dark tiles, that’s fair and understandable. It still doesn’t explain how or why the Hulk (very well within his default vision range) standing on a bright tile at a time of the day where light is everywhere was unable to see the player (also on a bright tile, same conditions). There really is no way to understand the reasoning is for both situations in the videos I linked, even if the logic for the “very dark” situations is the same as the “very bright.” Realistically, any hostile with a 50 vision range would be able to see someone that’s 30 tiles away from them in broad day light, correct? That would be my main question. It’s kind of similar as to how a Shady Zombie (or any Zombie from the “Shady” type) can be in broad daylight (which they’re essentially blind to), but somehow they can see the player if the player is in the shadows 20 tiles away. (which, regardless of what the tracker does, one would assume that if those creatures are blinded by daylight, they should not be able to see anything at all during day time).

If in those two videos the “lighting level” of the tiles in the room where Vorm’s character is is not the same as that of the tiles outside the mansion, then it is a purposely erroneous display of information that may require to be addressed in some way.